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Hello and welcome to the new Dogwatchuk website

Hello and welcome to DogWatch UK, we hope you will enjoy reading the profiles of our lovely dogs, all needing a loving home. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.
We have a poster you can download and print, featuring some of our dogs. If you can display one or more in local vets, supermarkets, community notice boards or anywhere they will be seen it will really help. See the link below.
If you live in the West Midlands we would love to see you at one of our events, see our Whats On page.
Thank you for your support in helping us to find wonderful homes for our wonderful dogs.


Handsome, medium sized lad with a tan and white wiry coat.This poor boy, Bola, is 8 years old and has lived for the last 7 years locked up in the biggest pound in the northwest part of Spain, through no fault of his own. He hasn't been advertised and so no one knew...

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This is stunning Cookie, the cute white young dog with beautiful blue eyes!He has a short white silky coat and he is now fully grown and is a medium sized dog weighing now 10 kg and height at shoulder 42 cm.Cookie is very lovely and affectionate, he is totally...

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Rocky deserves a loving home. He will fit into any household and has so much love to give.HIS BEST POINTS:Rocky enjoys his walks; he can pull and is not keen on other dogs although he lives with Blade whom he loves. Rocky is reactive to other dogs and will pull...

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Nico and Nala

Nala & Nico are a friendly and loving pair of bull breeds, who are calm and friendly in nature, and who are looking for their new homes together.They are both medium sized mature dogs who love one another and live easily together. They both could do with losing a...

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Blade deserves a loving home. He will fit into any household and has so much love to give.HIS BEST POINTS:Blade enjoys his walks; he can pull slightly and is not keen on walking near the road. Blade is not reactive to other dogs and it appears as if he wants to play...

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Handsome young Toby is a cute tan, black and white young dog with sweet nature!Toby has a short silky coat and he will be a medium sized dog.Toby is very, very nice, affectionate and lovely boy, he is still a little bit shy and scared in new situations but his...

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Handsome Eric is a Heinz American Bulldog with a white silky coat and one brown patch on his eye.Poor boy Eric has had an awful life and suffered considerable abuse from someone, which has left him with some issues and so he will need an understanding home that will...

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He’s a very loving, energetic and intelligent dog, with a black and tan short shiny coat. Bernie learns quickly and just wants cuddles all the time. Hes a bundle of goofy fun and hes playful, energetic, sweet, beautiful and obedient. He’s a very friendly and loving...

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Flo is a friendly little girl who loves to be picked up and cuddled. She is quite a slim girl and so likes a warm coat to wear. She would love a warm basket to lie in and someone to cuddle her and take her for walks. She is a gentle girl and will make a family home...

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Happy chunky boy Donald is a chestnut tan coated Staffy Mix boy, he is a real sweetie, absolutely filled with energy so would would suit a young family more than retired people. Donald is small and his head only comes up to your kneeHis Best Points :Good on lead, and...

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Wow stunning Anubis is a gorgeous deep red Pharaoh Hound. Anubis is a friendly boy, he loves people and adores spending time with his foster family and the children. He is an energetic, playful boy and he just loves attention and cuddles. He really likes to play with...

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Beautiful little Jessie is a small tan and white mini Podenco girl standing at 46cm and 48cm long and weighs about 14 kgsShe is sweet and loving she is child friendlyShe is very good in the home and loves people very muchChristi enjoyed living with male and female...

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What a lovely little boy Justin is! He has a tan short coat with darker eyebrows like a little Rottie and he has a dark nose. He is a medium sized dog. Around 48cm to the shoulders. He is now about 2 years old, neutered, in good health and a very friendly little chap....

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Zar is a handsome tan and white medium-sized boy. He has the distinctive upright Podenco ears, a short coat and lovely freckles on his muzzle.He is very friendly with people, not shy or wary at all. He is very affectionate. He likes some male dogs, but not all of...

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Pretty Tammy is a medium to large girl standing at 55 cm to the shoulder.She has a deep chocolate soft coat and is very very loving, affectionate and gentle with people.She loves her walks and will happily walk with other dogs, but she doesn’t like to share with them...

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Marley is a very handsome and playful boy. He has an unusual tan and chocolate short silky coat.He is a big boy standing at 58cm and weighing 30kg. Marley is a lovely dog looking for someone to love.He likes female dogs but not many male dogs for some reason and we...

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Bodhran is a handsome, very large, dark brindle boy, and he stands at about 28 inches to his back, about the height of a kitchen table. Bodhran is a loyal, and affectionate companion, who is attentive to his ‘pack/humans’ , and his environment.He is in excellent...

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Reggie is a little chap with a big personality! Small lad with a long, soft, black coat and he stands at Approx 35 cm, and weighs just 10.8 kg.Reggie is a little cheeky love with an outgoing personality. He is a very friendly boy who loves to get outside and have fun....

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Handsome Oscar is a medium sized lad with a tan wirey coat. he weighs just 14 kg.Oscar needs a home with people with experience of dogs, at his first meeting he is initially shy so he would like a quiet household. Poor Oscar came from a bad place, he had never been...

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