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Happy Dogs in Happy Homes 2020 Calendar

Help us celebrate all the happy dogs who have found happy homes,
12 gorgeous dogs to brighten your walls all next year.
Our A4 calendars make wonderful gifts for family and friends, or just as a treat for yourself.
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Don’t be Bar Hum Pug – join us for the party of the year on Friday 13th December.
Fun and games based on your favourite TV quiz shows.
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To see details of all our gorgeous dogs looking for homes, scroll down this page.


Oakley is the tan podenco boy in the photos, with the silky soft short tan coat. He is happiest in the middle of lots of canine friends!He loves to play and is a highly social young boy.Oakley deserves a chance at happiness, he was abandoned for a long time and he was...

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2020 DogWatch Calendars - featuring 12 Happy Dogs in their Happy Homes. We love seeing our dogs in their wonderful homes, so we are thrilled to be able to share 12 wonderful photos with you.The calendars also have plenty of space to note down important dog days. They...

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Brutus is a lovely chap who is homeless due to his owners emigrating.Brutus is the tiny Chi boy.He is friendly and social. Brutus is a small light tan chap who weighs 9.6 kilos,   63cm long, 28 cm tall, he has never been around children , so don’t know what he would...

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Micky is a beautiful medium sized puppy boy, with a tan, white and dark brown short silky coat.He’s an allsorts but mostly similar to a German Shepherd Dog x hound, he has the most beautiful facial markings.Micky is exceedingly submissive with people and with other...

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Look at this special little chap!Handsome, little Monty has a few breeds going on there with his lush ears and cheeky expression.Monty has a white and dark brown coloured, soft, short coat and he looks as though he has a bit of Bulldog, a bit of boxer and a bit of...

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Lady has become homeless as her owner is emigrating. Lady is the lovely Podenco girl, who is medium sized.She is friendly and social, although she is a little shy but not too bad once she gets to meet you.Lady  has a smooth tan and white coat, weighs 21 kilos ,99 cm...

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Handsome Rufus and a young fluffy coated tan and white Podenco boy with the fashionable Pod BIG ears !Rufus is a medium size chap and he really is a sweet, gentle, quiet and laid back boy that takes everything in his stride and will make a super family pet.His Best...

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Lovely-natured Karma is a great girl. She has a short, soft brindle coat with a white chest. She's a large girl. We can only say fantastic things of her and any family who adopts her will be so lucky. She’s absolutely loving, affectionate, obedient, sociable… She is...

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Dash is a small, white girl with patches of brown on her face and ears and back.We think that poor Dash had a home but was abandoned. Dash is is an absolute sweetheart and is friendly, playful and loving. We cannot understand why she is here. She loves to sit on your...

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This lovely gentle, mature boy is Aka.Aka came to the shelter in Portugal in a terrible state.  He had been found in the middle of nowhere (presumably abandoned) and his neck had horrendous injuries.  We believe it’s possible he may have been tied up and fought to get...

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Young Elmo is a gorgeous Orange Belton English Setter boy, with long, silky fringes and bright red ears.Elmo is a very affectionate boy, very sociable with all people and dogs. He is not fearful or shy at all, he loves cuddles and meeting new friends.He has a VERY...

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Katherine and the Hollywood Babes

Katherine and the Hollywood Babes Litter are the second of our Autumn litters. Katherine has now been reserved so is no longer available for adoption.Very sweet Katherine looks like she is a pup from a previous litter and she was dumped along with the new babies.We...

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Handsome Neve is a cream/white coloured Labrador cross lad.Neve is a beautiful dog, loves to play and is a friendly, happy boy.Neve races around the exercise yard and loves to play with his toys. He always makes a beeline for the volunteers for a scratch and a cuddle....

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This little, handsome chap is Bobby who's a nice tan short-coated heinz variety boy and great all rounder.He’s a very calm older boy, he doesn’t need many walks or much exercise. He doesn’t pull on the lead and travels well by car. He has a low level of energy and...

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Little Poopy is an adorable boy with his tan coat with flecks of black. He has an elfin face and kind brown eyes and just look at those wonderful ears.He loves to receive cuddles and kindness. He is medium sized and a handsome boy. He loves going for walks and enjoys...

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Lovely Lola is a beautiful, loving and playful young girl who likes other dogs and cats, people and children. She is a medium sized dog and similar to a pointer in shape. Lola is a pretty, white dog with brown ears and a brown patch on her back. She is certainly the...

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Eric is a Heinz American Bulldog of 7.5years.Eric is looking for an understanding and patient new family, that will love and nuture him. In short, Eric has a couple of issues: food aggression; guarding the home when strangers come and knock at the door. Eric also did...

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Nico and Nala

Nala & Nico are a friendly and loving pair of bull breeds, who are calm and friendly in nature, and who are looking for their new homes together.They are both medium sized mature dogs who love one another and live easily together. They both could do with losing a...

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