2014 so far

2014 has been pretty quiet for us at Dogwatch as far as homing is concerned.
We have had plenty of calls from people wanting us to take their dogs, but not so many from people wanting to home a dog.

Jack a rescue dog can live with cats


 Good news for February was that we did a massive poster campaign and our trusty volunteers Gareth and Warren delivered these personally to outlets on the east side of Birmingham for us We had a great response and we got a lovely home for Lacey our long stayer and also a smashing couple to foster for us.
This means we can now get two dogs out of kennels and into foster homes.

We still cant take anymore death row dogs yet and its heart wrenching turning away from the death lists but we have to as we cant afford to take any more dogs at the moment.

February and March have been kinder to us, Stella and her pups are all doing very well and are now all reserved – we will be keeping the puppies in their foster home until they are 10 weeks old so that all their vaccs and treatment are all done before they go off into the brave new world!

We cannot understand why we still have the lovely Jack as he is a gem ! and also Napolean and Happy – all smashing dogs and all needing a proper forever home so we continue to push them.


Our friend Richard has been tweeting all about them and we thank him for his help – we need more people to Tweet them and share on Face Book so we can tell people how lovely they are and maybe just reach the right people.

Richard and Denise went to CRUFTS Thursday and spoke to lots of Breed rescues, and in particular the Staffordshire Terrier Breed rescues. We spoke at great length about how the over breeding of british cross breeds and also Staffords has got completely out of control and thats why Dogwatchuk joined the Dog Rescue Federation who represents voluntary dog rescues – to give them a voice – to stop the overbreeding of bull breeds which results in them having no chance of finding decent homes, and instead they are condemned to the pounds then the needle.

Richard spoke to Our Dogs newspapers and was interviewed by Marc ” the Funky Vet” Abrahams

Dog Rescue FederationPlease support the Dog Rescue Federation – even if you are not a rescue you can join and support it for just £10 per year

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