Adopting a Dog Watch UK dog

Thank you for thinking of adopting one our lovely dogs. All Dog Watch UK dogs are fully vaccinated, or they could still be undergoing their initial vaccination program. They will have been flea treated and wormed. All bull breeds, and females will be spayed or neutered. If you adopt a dog we ask for a donation to help offset our costs. You will find individual profiles of almost all our dogs available for adoption at meet our dogs. There are photos, histories and character assessments.

When you’ve found a dog that you feel would suit your family and lifestyle – then tell us by completing an adoption enquiry form.

Photographs are great! But nothing beats meeting the dog in person, if they are in this country. Some dogs come direct from Spain.

We do not have a centre where all our dogs are kept together. We use private kennes and various foster homes dotted around the Midlands.

We will arrange with you an appointment to meet the dog you are interested in.

If you don’t find a dog who you think will match your lifestyle – keep checking back. We have new dogs coming in all the time. You can also email us to tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll keep a special eye out on your behalf and notify you if a likely prospect arrives.

Home checking
Once we have your enquiry then we can build a match with the most suitable dog for you. However we need to know that you will provide a good home as we pride ourselves on finding the very best homes for our dogs.

We do not usually home to people working full time as it is not fair to leave the dog on its own all day – for many reasons

The dog will get bored, dogs are sociable animals.

Boredom could lead to unwanted chewing.

The dog will be unable to go to the toilet.

Leaving a dog on its own for long periods of time could lead to insecurities and separation anxiety.

If the dog is young it will not be well socialised.

We look for a caring sensible owner that thinks of how the dog will fit into their home and settle into their routines.

We look for adequate space for a dog.

We would like to see an enclosed garden – so that the dog can’t get out and also so that someone can’t get in to steal them.

We look for full commitment to a new dog, we want to be sure that the dog will get adequate exercise and attention.

We would be concerned if you had a very young child although some of our dogs do live with older children in foster homes.

Please do not hesitate to contact us – if you have seen the dog of your dreams or you just need more information, we would love to chat.

Adoption Enquiry Form (Word) please fill in our form Adopting-a-Dog-Watch-UK-Rescue-Dog and return it to

Donny a rescue dog rehomed by Dog Watch UK

Doris a Rhodesian Ridgeback cross rescue dog for rehoming in the MidlandsMillie a rescue retriever puppy who needs a new home in the MidlandsClemmy a rescue dog for rehoming in Birmingham or the MidlandsLara a rescue German Shepherd for re homing in Birmingham or the MidlandsTurco a rescue dog rehomed by Dog Watch UK