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a DogWatch UK dog

Adopting a DogWatch UK dog

Choosing a Dog

Thank you for thinking of adopting one our lovely rescue dogs. You will find individual profiles of all of our dogs available for adoption on our Meet Our Dogs page. There are photos, videos, histories and character assessments. We do not have a centre where all our dogs are kept together. We use private kennels and various foster homes dotted around the Midlands. Many of our dogs are still at rescues in Spain or Portugal.

What to consider

Will the dog fit into your family and lifestyle?
What will happen if you go to work?
Go on holiday?
Increase your family?
How long would the dog be left alone?
Have you chosen a dog that cant be left?
Have you taken into account your other pets ?
Have you got the room ?
Is your garden big enough and is it secure?
Have you got landlords permission to have a dog (more than one dog) ?
Have you got the time needed to walk and train a dog ?
Will this be the same for the next 10 – 15 years?

after consideration and you think you meet the criteria then ……..

Fill in an application form

When you’ve found a dog that you feel would suit your family and lifestyle – tell us by completing an adoption application form.

Once we receive your form our re homing coordinator will see if the dog you have chosen is a good match, or if you have not specified a dog will see if one of our dogs would be just right for you.

We often get a lot of applications for the same dog so we have to take our time to ensure we get the best possible match, so it may be a few days before you hear from us.

If it seems like the dog will be a good match for your family and lifestyle we will put you in touch with the overseas rescue or UK foster home as appropriate. They will be able to give more detailed information about the dog. Often they will send additional photos and video.

Adoption Criteria

Things we look for in a home

We pride ourselves on finding the very best homes for our dogs and do not want to set up dogs or families to fail. We have a lot of experience and have seen the things that are likely to cause issues. We look for a caring sensible owner who think of how the dog will fit into their home and settle into their routines and who does not expect unrealistic perfection right away.

We do not usually home to people working full time as it is not fair to leave the dog on its own all day – for many reasons

  • The dog will get bored, dogs are sociable animals.
  • Boredom could lead to unwanted chewing and other unwanted behaviours
  • The dog will be unable to go to the toilet.
  • Leaving a dog on its own for long periods of time could lead to insecurities and separation anxiety.
  • If the dog is young it will not be well socialised.

We look for adequate space for a dog.

We like the garden to be fully enclosed and secure – so that the dog can’t get out and also so that someone can’t get in to steal them.

We look for full commitment to a new dog, we want to be sure that the dog will get adequate exercise and attention.

We would be concerned if you had a very young child although some of our dogs do live with older children in foster homes.

Home Check

Arranging a home check

If you are deemed a good match for the dog you have applied for, we will arrange a home check of the family home.
A volunteer will arrange to visit you to find out more about you and your home.

You will be asked to pay a £25 deposit before the home check is arranged. 

Once the deposit is received the dog will be reserved for you.

If the home check is successful the deposit will be deducted from the adoption fee. However if you change your mind after a successful home check the deposit will be retained. This is to offset some of the rescues costs as the dog will have to be put back up for adoption so will be with them for longer.

If for any reason the home check is not successful the deposit will be refunded. 

What happens at a home check?

The volunteer will need to see your home and garden, looking to ensure that there is adequate space and no hazards for a new dog.

They will also ask you some questions so that they get to know a bit more about you and your family, your circumstances and lifestyle and how a new dog would fit in.

The home checker will fill in a report and send it to us, our re homing coordinator will then decide if the dog is a good match and let you know.

Adopting your dog

What happens next?

If the home check is successful you can reserve the dog for adoption.
We will ask you to pay the full adoption donation and only then we can take the dog off the homing register and take the dog off the website. The donation helps to pay for the costs associated with the dog including food, vets bills, neutering where old enough, transport and for overseas dogs the pet passport.

Collecting dogs in the UK

For dogs in the UK we arrange for you to visit the foster home, meet and collect your dog. You will need a lead and collar or harness. The foster family will advise on sizes and requirements.

Collecting Overseas Dogs

In the main, the overseas dogs travel overland, they arrive at pre-arranged meeting points, travelling up to the M25 from the coast then up the M40 to the Midlands and finally up the M6 to Manchester.

You will arrange where to meet the van, the dog then goes home with their new family.

Some overseas rescues we use will transport the dog to your home.

You need to be equipped with a lead, collar or harness and a warm waterproof coat. Some dogs can be very frightened when they get here. They have had a very long journey and have no idea that they are arriving at a safe new home. Bring water and dried biscuits to tide your dog over until he or she arrives home and can then have a normal meal. Feed them bland complete food and slowly introduce wet food to the mix as the days go by.

Taking your new dog home

Ensure that your dog is secured within the car so it can’t jump out when a door or the boot is opened.  Food should not be given on the journey as dogs can be travel sick and stress can make this worse.

Your dog could be very tired and hungry, they may be anxious about all the changes. They need to be keep quiet for the next few days so they can acclimatise to their new home and your routines, so avoid any “extra” activities for the first week. Avoid introducing them to extended family and friends until they are settled.

Preparing for your dogs arrival

Before your dog arrives, you are advised to

  • register with a vet
  • consider joining a local training or agility club – they are great for socialisation with other dogs in a fun and friendly environment.
  • make sure you have a bed, bowls, food and a coat if needed
  • register for 4 weeks free pet insurance

You will receive any paperwork we have for the dog.
We will change the registration chip to show you as owner


Still not found your new best friend?

If you don’t find a dog who you think will match your lifestyle – keep checking back. on the website as its regularly updated with new dogs.

You can also fill in an application form to tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll keep a special eye out on your behalf and notify you if a likely prospect arrives.

Please do not hesitate to contact us – if you have seen the dog of your dreams or you just need more information, we would love to chat.