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88 Alina

This is Alina. The photo was taken in one of our favourite woods. Alina is my soul mate and since we adopted her in 2013 rarely leaves my side. We have been Pets As Therapy volunteers since 2016 and the residents at the local dementia homes all love her – she has had a profound effect on many there. We also work with the cinnamon trust and have made lots of friends.

Alina lives with her mum, dad, 2 human siblings and 2 cat siblings. We have had a few fosters – most recently Georgie a 15 year old Yorkshire terrier that Alina helped nurse back to health.

Alina came from Spain in 2013 via dog watch U.K. she was found living in a rubbish site in the countryside on a mattress with her 4 puppies, all of which were adopted in Spain.

89 Woody

This is Woody in his favourite spot. He is the happiest, most friendly dog who loves people and fellow dogs. He is also barking mad and makes us laugh everyday with his unique personality. He loves his walks and running free now he has mastered the art of recall! He is particularly happy when he can play with his friends.
Woody lives with me (Louise) and my daughters Amelia and Lily. There are 4 cats in the family and whilst things are settling down they are not as enthusiastic as Woody in getting to know each other!

We adopted Woody on 19th March 2021. We had wanted a dog to join our family for a number of years and were keen to rescue one as we had our cats.

90 Shadow

This is Shadow who we adopted in September 2020. This was taken when we were on holiday in Cornwall May 2021. He was the most nervous dog when we first got him and somehow he has transformed into a goof ball slightly naughty clever boy. We love his cheekiness and curiosity which both increase every week.

Just the 2 of us Jane now 67 and Terry 69 and our older Mastin Cross Tana who is also a DogWatch dog who we adopted in January 2016
His favourite pastime is take as many toys, things to chew and anything else he can find into our large garden and hide them until we bring them back in!
We adopted Shadow in Sept 2020, he was found in a dry Spanish river bed at 8 weeks old 2 days after his siblings were found. He was covered in ticks and Fleas and extremely timid. Kerry at Paws Patas took him to bed with her until he came to the Uk and went into a foster home. He was overlooked because he was so timid and we fell for him on the DogWatch FB page

91 Bo

‘Bo standing guard near our garden pond waiting for me to feed the fish, as he is partial to a koi pellet or two.

Bo lives in Norfolk with his human servants Simon & Fiona and his partner in crime, Loki, a similar aged Hungarian Vizsla. Also a couple of cats which he has a love/hate relationship with.

We got Jacobo back in September 2016 as a 1 year old Spanish resuce.We wanted a dog with a big heart, and we certainly got a BIG dog with a big heart. We were told he may take some time to adjust to new things like Traffic, furnishings, grass etc. All of this he took in his stride. Being a sight hound he very quickly found the settee, which he regularly occupies.
We just wouldn’t be without him now.

92 Pino

This was taken during Pino’s first experience of being on the beach in Jersey. His gorgeous floppy ear and cute expression captures the happy time he is having!
Pino has settled into our family so well in such a short time, and is always learning new skills. When he arrived he didn’t know what to do with toys and a ball, but now he just plays and plays. He loves his soft squeaky toys, and tennis balls are his favorite! (Save to say he loves the beach!!) Pino has even ventured up to his belly in the waves. He wants to learn new skills and is quick to understand a new concept.
Pino is such a happy, playful pup who just wants to make us happy too, which he manages to do every single day!! We are so lucky, and so grateful to have him as part of our family.

Pino lives with me and my husband and our 11 year old daughter.We adopted Pino in May this year and have had him now for just over 3 months.

Pino was abandoned in a box on the roadside with his brother and sister before thankfully being rescued by the wonderful staff at the shelter, where he was put up for adoption.

93, 94, 95 Aqua and Lexi

Aqua having a nap with her new sister Lexi in June 2021, Nearly a year since adopting her from Spain.

Aqua lives with Kris, Barry, Cameron and Kierah but her favourite company is our other dog Lexi.

We adopted Aqua in August 2020 as a 6 month old puppy from Spain


Just to say thank you for you help in getting Sol here to us after a 4 month wait with lots of problems. He arrived last Friday night at 9.45pm with Robert of Sunny Tails, and we love him to bits. He’s absolutely gorgeous with a very sweet temperament and him and our 4 year old brindle girl get on great. He’s got the run of the house, getting lots of walks in the forest, and he’s getting strengthened  up a bit with fish, chicken and liver,  as he arrived very hungry and quite thin with very dry dandruff skin and very runny sticky eyes. He’s improved lots already in just a week.

It was a very stressful and long wait, but I have to say, he’s worth it. He is brilliant. We love him so much.  


Jo Fergusson

96 Pablo (formerly Hubert!)

Pablo joined us in Summer 2015. When he arrived he was shy and very nervous, but it didn’t take him long to get his paws well and truly under the table!
He loves nothing more than lounging in the sunshine and going for long walks with his sister-pup Pickle! He’s the cuddliest canine you ever could meet and our family wouldn’t be the same without him!
The Clark Family in Birmingham
Only that he had been left at the gates of the shelter in Spain.


97 Gypsy

This was taken on a walk through a forest in Durham. It was one of the first holidays away with our new doggie. She loved running through the trees – she found a squeaky ball which she carried with her. We couldn’t see Gypsy but we could hear the squeaky toy echoing through the woods! I love how vocal Gypsy is. She makes these kind of ro-ro-ro noises and tells us all the time! I’d love to know what she is trying to say to us – although I do suspect it is all food or walk related!

Gypsy lives with me and my husband – Wendy and Ariel Northway. She filled a hole after we lost our previous (first ever for me) dog. I couldn’t imagine life without a dog. Although she doesn’t replace my old gal, she lives in my heart

I adopted Gypsy in January 2016


98 Willy Ella Kizzy

Christmas Day. Just waiting for the word to unwrap.

Family of four. Children now 20 and 27.
We all adore our fur family members.

Adopted Willy 10 years ago. He was a rescue had no fur . Really bad mange.
Ask Katrina. He was on death row.
Ella adopted Easter 2015 I think. Death row dog. Both failed fosters.

99 Bob

Christmas 2020 Bob in the thick of opening presents He wore his hat for ages then carried around all day when it fell off
1st Christmas with us He makes us laugh every day with his mischievousness and the faces he pulls when talking to him.

Mummy Daddy My best friend Luna spaniel
My mates Figgy and Ella the cats

Wanted to give a dog a chance to have a family for life
We looked at adopting in England but they were lucky with lots of interest, so we decided the dogs from Dogwatch deserved a chance. We were lucky and met our ideal match for our anxious Spaniel.

100 Woofer

Woofer has made himself very comfortable. He particularly likes my husband’s chair! We love him to bits, he’s such a gentle, sweet natured boy with some delightful quirks. We take him everywhere, including dog friendly cafes and hotels. Photo taken August 21.
Pat and Jake Fagg, elderly couple from Bristol

We adopted Woofer in December 2017. He came from Spain and was very frightened when we got him. He was extremely scared of men, including my husband (whom he now adores). He has lots of old scars but is in good health now, loves his walks and gives us huge pleasure. He also kept us fit during lockdown.


101 Sally (Zayla)

This is Sally taken in her Christmas basket in January 2020. Sally, previously called Zayla, was rescued by English ladies in Spain and taken to a wonderful rescue who agreed to home here with us in May 2017. She was a thin ragged little bundle of energy but she is now a beautiful, bright and loving girl who adores her two Yorkipoo brothers. We just love everything about her!

Jan Harrison and family(dogs, human, tortoise and fish) We lived in Southsea when Sally first joined us but now on the Isle of Wight

May 2017 Spoke to a lovely lady called Glynis in Spain who we still contact with pictures of Sally.


Ernie at the dog park in Prestwood. It’s his favorite place. Off lead he is super speedy!! And not too shabby at the agility. Ernie is a pesky little dog but with those ears how can you not love him!! He loves his walks will hear the treat cupboard a mile away and is great company

Ernie has a brother also from dogwatch his name is Hartley. They are mischievous together and a bit daft too

I adopted Ernie in Sept 2019 I had just started working at home and it was the best time. My friend had adopted loki through dogwatch a year earlier and sent me the newsletters. He had a pal in the rescue centre ‘eric’ who was adopted to a lady in wales

I adopted Hartley (Joshua)Sept 2020 as I wanted ernie to have some company

I can send photos of them together the one attached is the best quality

103, 104, 105 Willow (previous name Honey)

This is Willow Photo taken winter of 2020
Caption should read
Does my bum look big in this?

This is Willow at the Rother Valley here in Derbyshure, taking a cool dip in the lake.
I love this photo because this is typical Willow, who is obviously terrier cross hound and she NEVER has any inclination to chase/ hunt any animal or bird. I think someone forgot to tell her she was supposed to do this.
This beautiful girl is soo affectionate and just love bug hugs plus she loves to talk to me.

This is Willow out in the wheat fields near her home in Derbyshire, doing her usual pose, such a little diva.

This beautiful girl is soo affectionate and just loves big hugs plus she loves to talk to me.

Willow has joined me, Mr Freckles (rescue Chorkie) and three cats here in Derbyshire,

Willow has one step brother Mr Freckles who is a rescue Chorkie and she has three cats that live with her too

I was luck enough to adopt Willow in August 2019 Willow was adopted in August 2019. She was from a litter of 9 that were born wild in Spain.


106 Eric

Football came home. Eric came home! On a transfer from Spain for an undisclosed fee he is now Captain of Team Holdom!

Eric is now fairly the boss in the Holdom family. A bed in most rooms and earns his keep as a vacuum cleaner. September is gotcha month.

Eric (nee Rudy) arrived in the UK late September 2020. We went to meet him last minute one Saturday. Two hours later he was in the back of the car coming home with us. We didn’t even have a lead or collar with us!

107 Xena

Xenas first trip to the the beach, August 2021. She is a nervous, gentle soul, but slowly and surely becoming more confident. We can’t imagine life without her now, our daughter calls Xena her fur sister :).

Hannah, Euan and Maia Duncan – human family
Pasta – 19 year old (very grumpy!) cat
Zuzu and Zaza – 3 year old mother and daughter rescue guinea pigs
Theodore – 4 year old rescue tortoise

10 October 2020. We’ve always talked about getting a dog but never thought we would find one that would be happy to live with our young daughter and very old cat! Xena has fitted in wonderfully. She is so gentle and patient with Maia and after an intitial week or so of dirty looks (all from Pasta!) Pasta and Xena have become (almost) friends :).

108 Cohan (was Conan)

Taken early summer on one of our many walks in Mudeford
Cohan now lives just with me by the seaside

January 2017? Someone saw him being mistreated at a gypsy camp and asked if they could have him. They were unable to keep him and he ended up in the Pound where Dog watch stepped in. He was in foster for a while before we adopted him

109 Lottie

This is our gorgeous rescue dog from Spain, called Lottie. Came into our lives early July 2021, this was taken in our garden about a week after adopting her. She has beautiful , gentle nature and spirit , a little nervous but we are helping her every day to overcome. Makes us proud how she is progressing in her furever home 

Lottie lives with myself and partner, Darren.

12/7/21adopted her . Lottie came from Spain, she is about 5 years of age where she lived in a pound for 5 years.

110 Koda

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster first year with my beautiful dogwatch dog but moments like this (when he has woken me up ridiculously early and gotten me out of bed for a walk!) make me realise how lucky I am to have him in my life. Thank you dogwatch and paws patas.

Dog lives with me.
I adopted koda in July 2020.

111 Teddy

This picture was taken last Christmas. Teddy loves to be at the centre of whatever’s going on so muscled his way in amongst the xmas sacks to see if there was anything for him!
Teddy is funny, loving, and when he gets a twinkle in his eye, very mischievous too. He knows what he wants and how to get it. He’s bought so much love and happiness and I can’t imagine life without him.

In my household there’s just me and Ted. He did have 2 cat sisters but they have passed over the rainbow bridge now. He has a large extended family made up of my sister and her grown up children who He adores and his doggy cousin Winnie the golden Labrador.

I adopted Ted June 2nd 2015. I was told that he had been found in a Spanish kill shelter, cowering at the back of a pen full of other much bigger dogs, after being picked up by the dog warden. He was a puppy around 7-8 months old and it had been a race to save him. Before he came to me he was fostered by a lovely British couple who did everything they could to ensure a smooth transfer of Teddy from them to me. They sent me pics and videos of him told me his routine where he liked to sleep etc and sent over all the things they had bought him while he was with them. I have a lot to thank them and Dog Watch UK for

112 Baxter, was Nic

Taken on a long walk in the Shropshire Hills. Baxter loves joining us on countryside adventures and never seems to get tired of walking and running. We love his handsome/funny face with so may different expressions, and his little bobtail windmilling round when we get home!

Charlotte and Ali, we live in a little village in Gloucestershire, surrounded by fields and woods.

We’d wanted to adopt a dog for years but lived in a busy suburban city area with few decent places to walk nearby. We finally made the move out of the city to a much more dog-friendly location, and Dogwatch / Paws Patas were brilliant from start to finish, sending us lots of photos, videos and updates as we waited for Baxter to arrive. Thanks!

113 Bonito

This was taken in July this year In Southbourne. Bonito loves this place. He was eyeing up the beach which was a long way down (he has managed it before!) but a bit more sensible these days.I adore my boy, very inquisitive but also totally loyal to me.
I live alone, retired. If not for my lovely Bonito my life would be very different. Having lost my husband and son he gave me a reason to get up everyday.
Adopted January 2018 from Dogwatch having seen him online. He’d previously been chipped but was found on the street in Portugal Oct 17.
He’s filled my heart with joy!

116 Lupin ( was Grace )

Lupin exploring… after some ‘crazy zigzag’ running through the long grass ( her favourite thing )
She has become a very happy and content wee dog and loves everyone…especially if they have a pocket full of biscuits!

Lupin is an only dog now as her big chum Charlie sadly left us in December. He was a gentle soul who really helped her settle into life in her new home.

Lupin was adopted from GPAR via DogWatchUK in February 2018, when she was approximately 2yrs old. Her name was Grace.

She was the best birthday present I could have given myself after a difficult couple of years….a wee gem.

117 Pino

Here is Pino who has just celebrated his one year birthday!
This photo was taken when he was about 10 months old.
I love the happy look on his face….and those ears! Pino is a very happy, playful pup who loves to chase a ball, and destroy his cuddly toys .
We love his zest for fun and he is such an intelligent boy. Pino has enrolled in training classes and we also set up scent work for that long snout of his (which is permanently in the air!!)-he loves “finding” things!!

Pino lives with me and my husband and 11 year old daughter.

We Adopted Pino in May 2021. He was found dumped in a cardboard box with his sibling, Pim and his sister who unfortunately died after contracting parvovirus. Pino also contracted the virus but luckily pulled through.
Thankfully Pino was rescued by the amazing volunteers at the shelter and we were lucky enough to adopt him.
After a long journey from Spain to the UK, Pino then travelled in his own little plane over to Jersey!!!

118 Spanish Tony

Spanish Tony’s first time on a British beach. And doesn’t he look pleased about it! Taken March 2021. I love this shot because it really shows his personality. He’s such a happy soul, full of love and cuddles. One of the fun things with rescues, is watching their personality develop as they get more comfortable. We recently realised he does a great police siren impersonation! He got a round of applause from an entire street of strangers for that!

Spanish Tony lives with myself, my husband Seth and our youngest of 4 children, libby, 16. Most importantly he lives with his adopted lurcher sister Beryl who came to us from the blue Cross 4 years ago.

We adopted Tony on new years eve 2020. He was a Spanish stray who was skinny and scared….far from either these days..Due to Brexit, a transport was booked and he needed a home. I saw his face and just new he was part of our family. I’d lost my other rescue just before Christmas and his sister missed him dearly. Tony and Beryl make a funny couple, him stocky, short, ginger with a beard. Her, elegant, white, slim and pointy! They adore each other!

119 Brandy

Our lovely Brandy on holiday with us in the North York Moors, he just loves being away in our caravan. Every day with him brings such joy, he’s a bit of an old boy now at 12, had him for 5 years but he’s still got a bounce in his step. Love him yo pieces.

Mark, Linda, Jonathan and Nicholas.

He came to us in November 2016 from Kerry in Spain. Sadly my mum died unexpectedly on Christmas day that year. I can remember how he jumped on the bed with me that night and buried his head in my lap as if to say “I’m here and this is my purpose” He’s like my big furry shadow. He definately helped get me through that awful time.

120 Benji (Dogwatch name Roy)

This is my handsome best bud Benji at our local park, taken in July 2019. I thought I rescued him but he actually rescued me especially during the pandemic. Benji is very intelligent, cheeky and extremely social, he loves everyone, especially the ladies. He is a bit of a ninja…ninja kisser and ninja food stealer. I’m convinced he could find food in the desert. He can be a bit of a diva too and refuses to go out in the rain and won’t go out in the cold without a coat. Will literally refuse to walk until you put a coat on him…misses the Spanish sun for sure.

Me and Benji live with my cat Tom (they are great friends although I think Benji loves Tom more than the other way around) we visit my mum and her Dogwatch rescue Darcy regularly. We have a huge dog walking network so we feel like we part of a huge pack.

I adopted Benji 1st July 2017. Amparo found him weak, tired and disorientated in a dried out river bed with a larger dog. The larger dog ran away but Amparo managed to rescue Benji (Roy). He then got kennel cough so took a couple of months for him to be able to come to the UK.

121,122,123, 125 Aston

Pic taken in April this year within an hour of arriving home on ‘Gotcha’ day. Aston was 5 months old and had spent a fortnight in foster care at Walsall. He loves watching the birds.

Aston is 6 months old in this pic. As you can see he’s a ‘happy camper’ and loves a trip away in the caravan.

Aston is 9 months old in this pic.
He loves a blast off lead. This is close to wht we live at the National Trust Sunflower fields in Rhossili on Gower.

Aston at 6 months. Having an off lead run in a friends field near our home on Gower.

Aston lives with my wife Suzanne and I. He has regular doggy visitors to stay as we Home Board.

Aston and his two brothers were left at the sanctuary gates in Spain aged 8 weeks. They were brought to the UK after 3 months quarantine (Brexit).
Aston was in foster care for two weeks and we adopted him in April ‘21.
We had lost one of our greyhounds Shelley in Dec ‘20 (13yrs old). Jodie our other greyhound passed away in July (11yrs old) but she did a good job mentoring Aston.

124 Suzie

This is Suzie on one of her favourite walks on the Rowthorne trail near our home in North East Derbyshire. Suzie Loves to go on long walks, sniff about and play with Molly although she’s not such a fan of the snow. She much prefers to be cuddled up with us on the sofa, she’s very much a summer dog!

Suzie loves with me, my wife Helen and our rescue Spaniel Molly.

Suzie was adopted in August 2015, she had a difficult start to life and was super nervous of the world but in the last few years has grown in confidence especially since getting Molly in 2019. Suzie can be stubborn but is a real sweetheart, loves to play, destroy toys and curl up on the sofa with us.