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Lovely girl Carla is a gentle and affectionate deep tan Stafford girl, standing at 47 cms and 45 cms from back of neck to base of tail. She weighs 17 kilos. Carla is living with 20 other dogs at the moment, and small children, so she is fitting well into her foster home, but she does not like the cats. Carla is a gentle soul who has been starved of affection and now loves everyone, enjoys her walks and tummy rubs. In fact any attention she can get now she loves. Carla is mum to puppies Fifi and Fiona who are also looking for a home

Breed : Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Age : 5 years

Carla (7)

In November of last year 2016, one of the Spanish volunteers happened to be refueling her car at a local Garage in Spain. She noticed a French Registered van, with a punctured tyre, and at the same time saw a dogs head appear at the window.

Carla (4)

She went to investigate and saw that indeed there was a dog inside, the vehicle was locked but nobody was around. She enquired of the garage attendant and at the Hotel, but no one knew anything about the car.

Carla (1)

A few hours later she returned to the car to see if the dog was still there, which it was so she went to the police and reported it. They took note but did nothing!!!!! She went back every four hours for the next two days, and finally after her complaints, three days later, they towed the vehicle to a Garage.

Carla (2)

The police would not help the dog out but the volunteer did coax the frightened animal out and Carla gave her a lick on the hand. She was thin down to the bone and hugely pregnant.

Carla (3)

Poor Carla was taken straight to the vets and he monitored her, put her on a drip for dehydration and he kept her in the Clinic where she gave birth to the two healthy puppies 3 days after rescue. She stayed a further 3 days in the Clinic being monitored and until she was fit and feeding the puppies without problem.

Carla (5)

Carla has been nursed in her foster home with her puppies by a 6 year old child and Carla allowed her to feed and handle her pups without problem.

Fosterer’s report :
Our experience with Carla has been nothing but perfect since the time of her most horrible suffering, and we have had nothing but positive experience of her with other dogs, the small child and anyone who visits (but not happy about cats).

We all think she is lovely, and she is sharing a bed with Sally, a little Yorkie, so small and delicate, but with CARLA she is happy and Carla is the bulkiest of dogs but also the most gentle; all of which bodes well for her to be homed in UK.

Current location
In a foster home in Spain can travel to the UK once she has a home to go to

Vaccinated, wormed, flea treated
Pet Passport
Any known health issues – None and tested for the three Mediterranean diseases= all clear

Adoption Fee : £ 145 – to be paid direct to the Spanish rescue to cover travel costs via UK bank account

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