Charles and Nashua appeal

Charles had had his front leg amputatedCharles came to Dog Watch UK in June 2012, he was limping but full of life and fun. It seems he had an old injury that had set badly, it was unlikely pinning would work and would be very painful so the difficult decision was made to amputate.

Charlie had his operation on Tuesday 18th Sept.  We had set up a doggy pen in the corner of the living room so when he came home he would not be able to move around too much.  I slept downstairs with him and he was really restless, crying and whimpering all night.  5 days on he is doing really well, he is walking brilliantly on 3 legs and will eat his food standing.  He is getting around the garden, although we do have to stop him jumping up and down the 2ft drop to the grass and make him walk to the end of the patio and down the steps. He was only kept in the pen 3 days as he was getting really bored and just wanted to get on the settee, so we relented and now he is sleeping on the settee and not in the pen.

Before his surgery he would always offer you his poorly leg and it was really heartbreaking to see him trying to offer you his paw after his amputation.  His shoulder would raise up as if he was giving you his paw.  Now he is learning that if he sits on the settee and leans back he can offer you his other paw.

Charlie had a vet check at 4 days and the vet is really pleased with how he is healing and will probably sign him off in 10 days time.

I think he will do really well on 3 legs and I can’t wait for him to start running round the garden on 3 legs like he was before his surgery.

If you would like to offer Charles a home please see his page  and our adoption page

Nashua is a striking galgo boy, also from Spain. He was born with one back leg shorter than the other, we are waiting for an appointment with a specialist to assess the options for Nashua.

Nashua also has a heart murmur that will cost about £300 to treat. Nashua wins over anyone who meets him with his playful and endearing antics, he does walk unevenly but does not let this stop him having fun.

Hi I’m Nashua I have a few health problems I’m sorry to say

I have a heart murmur which is going to cost around about £300 in vets fees to investigate to get the most suitable medication to allow me to be able to go under sedation to have my big operation on my foot.

The vet tells me that on my one foot my two toes have collapsed and I need to see an orthopaedic specialist to see what they can do for me. This foot is also 4cm longer than the other one and the pads are missing – looks like I was born with this defect and its making me walk uneven. The vet thinks to do the corrective work on this foot will cost up to £2500/£3000 pounds.

To compound my problems I have a rather long tail and this drags on the floor so I need 5 inches amputated off the end because it is seriously damaged which has caused it to go dead and have no feeling. I used to bang my tail up against the wall in the kennels in Spain and it kept splitting.

When I go for a walk I hop afters a few steps due to discomfort, and when Ive been laying for a while and then try to stand up it hurts me so I cry out in pain, I am on metacam for pain relief and this helps me a lot but it doesn’t stop me doing things and playing with my friends in the foster home. In all I am a very happy dog and I love to be around other dogs and people .  Thank you for all your support

If you would like to offer Nashua a home please see his page and our adoption page

If you can spare anything to help us to help these boys you can donate via my donate or paypal

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  2. Hi, I have just donated some money for Charles (and all the other dogs in need)! He is a beauty. I hope he is going to find a family soon otherwise I have to get him (the only “problems” are an unfriendly cat and a very young doberman)…. maybe in a couple of months we will be in a better position and I could rescue Charles or any other dogs in need of help!

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