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Having a regular income means that we can commit to getting dogs off death row, as we know we will be able to pay the kennel fees. For just £3 a month, paid by standing order, you can join The Dog Watchers Club. We will send you our news letter by email four times a year, full of updates on the dogs you have enabled us to help.

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One beneficiary of the club was Puddle.

Pudding (1)Puddle had obviously lived in a home, she was a little chubby so probably shared lots of treats! She just loved cuddles and kisses. We don’t know why she was no longer with her family but we did know her name was moving up the put to sleep list, if we had not taken her she would have been killed, as she had done her 7 days and was not claimed.
Puddle was in emergency boarding kennels, which DogWatch paid for. She went to one of our foster homes when one become available, where she found love, was able to play and have loads of staffy cuddles.

Puddle (5)Please help us to help dogs like Puddle – join our Dog Watchers Club. Membership is only £3 a month and you will be helping dogs like Puddle. All club members will receive an E news letter every 3 months with updates about the dogs we have helped. Please fill in the form below and we will send you a standing order form.

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