Cuthbert loves fuss and cuddles

Please meet the delectable Cuthbert a handsome tan boy with a white chest and fab sticky up ears ! He has a lot of character. Cuthbert is in good bodily condition, he is well covered and he loves his food!! Cuthbert has definitely eaten all the pies!

Breed :Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross
Age : 7 years

Cuthbert Bear has fab sticky up ears,is very affectionate, he loves fuss and cuddles and takes treats from you gently. He is a happy soul, he is always looking to you for commands so will be easy to train, this little chap is going to be a very loyal companion.

He is a bit hand shy.

He makes fab piggy noises.


Poor boy found himself in the pound with no time left, (he was next on the list to be put to sleep ) !! Until DogWatch UK saved him.
This is what the Dog Warden told us about him –

“Cuthbert never stopped looking at me and watching me even when I introduced him to two other dogs, he showed no sign of aggression at all,a real gorgeous boy, he so deserves to be loved and looked after in his older years”.

Fosterer’s report :

What a super little chap this is, very well behaved and knows commands.
He particularly loves running for a ball and bringing it back (and he does drop it!)

Cuthbert is affectionate, and good natured with other dogs, and just a nice boy.
He is good on the lead and 95% sure he would probably shadow you even without a lead.


He is fine with cats – no reaction at all.

We are working with him on leaving him for periods, as because he is new to us he is still wondering whats happening when we all go out, but we see an improvement on that each day as he is settling in and trusts us more.

We call him ‘scoobs’ it just has seemed to happen naturally ‘Scoobert’!!

Current location
In a foster home in Birmingham, West Midlands

Vaccinated, wormed, flea treated
FREE 4 weeks Pet Insurance- owner to activate from a link on our website
Any known health issues NON KNOWN

Adoption Fee : £145

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