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Death Row Dogs

DogWatch UK

Death Row Dogs

Dog Watch UK rehome dogs, known as poundies. These are dogs rescued from death row in Dogs Homes and pounds throughout the country.

The law says local authorities must pay for the safe kennelling of a ‘found’ dog for seven days to allow the owner time to locate it but after that they can be rehomed or killed. As there are not enough kennel spaces for all the stray dogs many are put on “death row” and have a time limit to find a new home, if no one comes forward to offer them a home they will be killed.

In 2011 at least 11,000 healthy dogs were put to sleep for no other reason than they were not wanted. HAVE WE GOT MORE UP TO DATE STATS?

This video is just beautiful and dispels many myths about staffies.

The majority of dogs on death row are Staffies and staffy crosses. There are so many “back street breeders” breeding puppies that any staffie on death row has little chance of being rehomed.

Staffies are often abandoned on the streets once the novelty has worn off so even if their owners are traced they will not collect the dog as they have grown bored with them.

Dog Watch UK and many other rescues around the country try to rescue as many dogs as they can. Volunteers collect details of all the dogs due to be killed and send out “death lists” to the rescues they know will try and help.

Many of these dogs have obviously been loved family pets and they are grieving for the loss of an owner they loved and the security of a home, many are frightened being in kennels.

Dog Watch UK will receive 2 or 3 lists each week – sometimes more from different areas. If none of the rescues have spaces to take these dogs, they die. Some of the dogs have been given names but others are just numbers.