Death Row Dogs

Dog Watch UK rescue dogs rescued from a dogs home and death rowPoundies are dogs on death row in Dogs Homes and pounds throughout the country.

Mate a rescue staffy dog rehomed by Dogwatch UK

Mate settling in to his new home – very different to death row!

The law says local authorities must  pay for the safe kennelling of a ‘found’ dog for seven days to allow the owner  time to locate it but after that they can be rehomed or killed. As there are not enough kennel spaces for all the stray dogs many are put on “death row” and have a time limit to find a new home, if no one comes forward to offer them a home they will be killed.

In 2011 at least 11,000 healthy dogs were put to sleep for no other reason than they were not wanted.

This video is just beautiful and dispels many myths about staffies.

The majority of dogs on death row are Staffies and staffy crosses. There are so many “back street breeders” breeding puppies that any staffie on death row has little chance of being rehomed.

Dexter a rescue dog re homed by Dog Watch UK

There is life after the pound – here is Dexter relaxing in his new home, click the picture to read his happy ending

Staffies are often abandoned on the streets once the novelty has worn off so even if their owners are traced they will not collect the dog as they have grown bored with them.

Dog Watch UK and many other rescues around the country try to rescue as many dogs as they can. Volunteers collect details of all the dogs due to be killed and send out “death lists” to the rescues they know will try and help.

Many of these dogs have obviously been loved family pets and they are grieving for the loss of an owner they loved and the security of a home, many are frightened being in kennels.

Dog Watch UK will receive 2 or 3 lists each week – sometimes more from different areas. Below we have reproduced just one of the lists, received on 7th August 2012.  If none of the rescues have spaces to take these dogs, they die. Some of the dogs have been given names but others are just numbers.

None of these dogs are with Dog Watch UK – they are an example of an appeal for help we received in 2012 – all these dogs either have new homes or were put to sleep

Dear Dog Watch

Mable and Oscar are reserved to rescue s 1076 and 1074 are now safe xx  Finlay is also now safe Lexie now safe

Roan a rescue dog on death row in a dogs home
Roan is a male black and tan rottweiler cross who is an incredibly sweet character.

If not reclaimed Roan will need a rescue space by 09.08.12



Austin is a male Presa Canario type, he is a very strong boy.

He is a really friendly, bouncy playful boy who needs rescue back up by 08.08.12



Morgan a rescue dog staffie on death row

Morgan is a lovely dark brindle female staffy type with a friendly, passive nature.

Morgan needs a rescue space by 09.08.12


Lucky is a male GSD, he is micro chipped and is 4 years old. He is a friendly boy who is not keen with other dogs. If he is unable to be reunited he will need a rescue space by 09.08

(now reserved to a member of the public will need a back up plan in case though)


Scarlette a death row dog

Scarlette is a very sweet and friendly female rottweiler girl who is currently underweight and has weeping eyes.

Please can someone help Scarlette by 07.08?


Knut a staffie poundie

Knut is a micro chipped 5 year old SBT who is a very pleasant dog.

If he is unable to be reunited with his owner he will need a rescue space by 10.08.12


Phats an abandoned staffordshire bull terrier

Phats is a white and black male SBT who is approx 2 years old. He is a friendly, excitable boy who would probably benefit from some further training.

Phats will need rescue back up NOW


A dog with no name on death row

1071 is a staffi x female who is 12-18 months old, she is micro chipped but it has never been registered. This poor girl is in season and is very clean in her kennel.

She is a calm girl who knows basic commands and she is good with other dogs.

Please can someone help this little girl by 08.08.12

1072 a nameless dog waiting on death row

1072 is a small chunky staffi male who is approx 2 years old, he is a friendly, happy lad who knows basic commands and he seems fine with other dogs.

This lad needs a rescue space by 07.08.12


Just another death row dog

1075 is a cross breed male of approx 18 months old, he is really well trained, knows basic commands and is clean in his kennel.

He is a very happy lad who was abandoned at a busy transport station but with no label attached.

This little lad needs a rescue space by 06.08.12

Sasha an unwanted rottweiler

Sasha is a rottie cross female who is approx 18 months old. She is an affectionate girl who loves her cuddles. She seems dog friendly and knows basic commands although she doesn’t seem particularly keen on a lead. We have reason to believe that Sasha may have previously lived with 9 children and a cat so you see if Carling made rottie crosses………………..

Sasha needs a rescue space by 08.08.12


1068 a dog with no name on death row

1068 is striking male crossbreed of approx 18 months old, he is lively, bouncy and knows some basic commands. He is not doing well in the kennel environment and is clearly getting a bit frustrated. He is good with some dogs. This lovely lad needs out NOW He is still looking from last week (pic attached)



1070 a dog with no name on death row

1070 is a stunning male cross breed of approx 4 years old, he is happy and lively and seems fine with other dogs. He knows some basic commands and appears to have been well cared for. If not reclaimed he needs out NOW pic attached



Cobie an abandoned staffordshire bull terrier

Cobie is a mainly white female staffi type who we think is over 5 years old. She is a lovely girl who still has some bounce left in her…Cobie needs rescue back NOW



Stallone an abandoned staffordshire bull terrier

Stallone is a chunky brindle and white SBT male who is approx 18 months old. Stallone is a really friendly chap who was originally rehomed by the pound but returned because he reportedly suffers with separation anxiety (he was only gone a day) There was no space for him to be returned to so we have picked him up today and he has had to go to temporary emergency boarding. Stallone needs out NOW



Jake an abandoned staffordshire bull terrier

Jake is a male SBT white and brindle, he is a friendly boy who seems ok with other dogs. Jake needs rescue back up by 08.08



Moto an abandoned staffordshire bull terrier

Moto is a very overweight neutered male staffi, he is a lovely boy who is very friendly, Moto is soooo overweight it is cruel…he is finding it stressful in the kennels and I am seriously concerned for his welfare.  Moto needs out NOW



Leah an abandoned dog on death row

Leah is a female mastiff/staffi type who is a little nervous at present, she doesn’t seem to be used to being on a lead. Staff are sure that with time she will come round nicely. Leah needs out NOW



Bella an abandoned staffordshire bull terrier

This is Bella she was brought into our vets for PTS an emaciated brindle staffi girl. The vet rang and asked if we could help so I have brought her to my house to fatten her up. She is fully vaccd and has been spayed, she is good with other dogs and is able to be left for short periods without being destructive. She is a low maintenance girl really who likes to get up on your knee when she can. she knows basic commands. She can be a little bit snatchy around food with other dogs around but is fine if just humans but not surprising given the state she was in, she is house trained


Pioer an abandoned staffordshire bull terrier

Piper is a pretty tan staffi type girl who is very very sweet with people and is fine with other dogs.  Piper needs rescue back up NOW