Dexter is friendly and playful!

Handsome mature boy Dexter is dark brindle, a real classic stafford shape. He stands at 18 inches tall to the shoulder so he is not one of the ‘small’ type but not really big either.
He is easy to handle, very friendly and playful and when he first came into kennels he was a little subdued but he is much happier now and his lovely character shines through.

Breed : Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Age : 7 years old

Dexter (1)

Poor Dexter found himself in the dogs home. His owners haven’t come to collect him so that leave poor boy at risk of being put to sleep, so Dog Watch UK stepped in to help him.

Dexter (6)

Dextor is full of character and can jump a six foot fence which was discovered seconds after he arrived in kennels.
He doesn’t seem bothered about the other dogs he is more interested in getting all the fuss he can from you. When vet came to see him he tried to lick the vet to death !! .

Dexter (5)

The kennels tried to introduce Dexter to their cat but he was frightened of the cat he wouldn’t go anywhere near him or even look at him !! They told us “he is actually well behaved and quiet and gentle”

Dexter (3)


Fosterer’s report :
will be assessed in more depth once he is in foster

Current location
In kennels in Weston Supper Mare , arriving in Solihull soon to go into a foster home

Vaccinated, wormed, flea treated
Will be neutered before being rehomed

Any known health issues NONE KNOWN
Adoption Fee : £125

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