Duque is playful and affectionate

Stunning black and tan Doberman boy. Duque has a well balanced character and is very affectionate. He is active, playful, affectionate and sociable with dogs and friendly with children
He has improved a lot on walking on a lead but could still do it better! Lovely Duque is a good all rounder

Breed : Doberman
Age : 7 years

Duque has had such a terrible life that he’s thankful  to get some cuddles, good food and daily walks. He would enjoy a house with a garden. He’s active and very playful. He can live with other dogs. He lives with children and is very kind to them.
Duque does not like cats!

Duque was given to a Spanish pound because he wasn’t fierce enough to be a guard dog so they did not want to breed from him. He was in terrible condition, severely underweight (he only weighted 57 lbs) with severe skin problems.

When first rescued

Since he was rescued he has found a foster home, a family who lives in a small flat, and he has recovered wonderfully.

Although he is being left in the day at his foster home it is not our policy to home dogs to full time workers.

Duque is a large boy standing at 70 cm (27.5 inches) and weighing 37.8 kg (83.3 lbs)

Fosterer’s report :
He loves his sofa! He truly is a perfect dog to live inside a house, he behaves very well and has never broken anything or peed inside. He loves going to the park, he can play for hours and is sociable with other dogs; I think he’s very balanced. He’s very, very affectionate and trusting with people, I can see why he wasn’t a good guard dog! He is very noble, loyal and sweet. We both work 8 hours and he’s alone all that time at home and he’s ok, he doesn’t bark or stress about it. He doesn’t like cats!

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Current location
In a foster home in Spain can travel to the UK once he has a home to go to

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