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What happens after I put in my application?

If we think you are a match to the dog you have applied for we will call you to discuss if its a UK dog, if its a dog coming from overseas we will join you up with the people who have the dog so that you can ask more questions and get more information on the dog. Dogwatchuk will then ask for a homecheck for you.

Once the homecheck comes back as passed you are then able to decide if you want to commit to the dog by paying the donation to secure it

What happens if I get a dog from abroad and it doesn't get on with my dog ?

Introductions to existing animals is very important, as from that first meeting they will form opinions like we do. Meet outside with your dog and ask someone to come with you to walk the dogs together for an hour.
When they come back to the house always let your existing dog in first, feed it first and pet it first. The aim of this is that your dog dosnt build up any resentment to the new dog coming in plus the new dog will not feel threatened if it knows the pecking order. Put away all toys and treats and feed in separate rooms until a time that you know that either of them will not food guard and be jealous.

What is the timescale for adopting a dog?

A UK Dogwatchuk dog can be with you as soon as your homecheck is passed.
An overseas dog may take 3 to 5 weeks as it needs to satisfy the DEFRA quarantine regulations and it needs to catch a transport over to the UK

What food will my new dog eat ?

Check with the rescue first, nothing too fancy as your dog will not be fed expensive food. We suggest WAGG SENSITIVE for the first week and weaning it off to other food of your choice gradually so as not to caused upset tummies.

Can I let my new dog off lead straight away? Will he have good recall?

None of our dogs should be let off lead for at least 2 months to give them time to bond with you.
Some of the Spanish dogs are sighthounds and will chase rabbits and birds – some may always need to be on extendable leads when out.

Will my new overseas dog understand english ?

Of course! many of the people we help abroad are English people helping the dogs

I have the arrival date for my new dog, but will be away that weekend, would you be able to provide foster until i return ?

Yes with certain dogs we have provision to hold them for you for collection for a small daily charge, so dont let you being away put you off adopting a dog, we can always work something out.

Is there rescue back up for my dog if it goes wrong?

In the main we help you with the dog, we try to provide a foster home, but if the dig is too large or dosen’t like other dogs we will rehome direct from your home for you