Dog Watch UK are always desperately in need of foster homes for dogs of all sizes. Whilst the dog is being fostered the food and Vets fees will be paid for. The dog lives with you as one of the family.

People become fosterer’s for all sorts of reasons, whether its for temporary companionship for themselves or their pet, or a trial run to see if they could adopt full time, or for most people it is the sole reason to look after a dog until they find their forever home.

Amanda and James are fosterer’s ” We became foresters because our dog Rooney was fostered by Harriet, before we adopted him. She did a fantastic job and he was cared for extremely well. I often think what would have happened to Rooney if Dogwatch UK and Harriet had not helped him….

This is the reason why we became fosterers. We want to help dogs, like Rooney, find their own forever homes.

To be labelled as a fosterer brings out all sorts of emotions….pride, happiness, joy, empathy, love. However, one large part of fostering that is often forgotten is the FUN. A lot of dogs that have been in kennels or in tough environments have often forgotten what play is. One of the best parts about being a fosterer is bringing out the fun and the personalities in the dogs that you look after. Most fosterer’s will tell you that each dog leaves a part of themselves behind. For example, having fostered very young dogs lately we have become a bit ‘ sillier’ when it comes to play lol.

Fosterer’s come in all different shapes and sizes…..different areas, ages, backgrounds, work and social lives, some have pets and some don’t. The fosterer’s who have pets of their own have dogs of different breeds, cats, rabbits etc.

All fosterer’s will tell you of the excitement they feel when you know your foster is arriving soon. This funny feeling you get in your stomach…the same feeling your new foster dog is probably feeling!
It is the hope that you will achieve the same success with this foster, that you have achieved with all the fosters before get them ready for their forever home. And don’t forget the fun along the way!

Dogwatch UK are always very appreciative and supportive of their fosterer’s. Also, a recent Facebook group has been set up where photos and information can be uploaded about the foster you have. It is a fantastic group where fosterer’s, supporters, adopters and generally ‘ doggy’ people can join and post advice, tips, pictures etc. Dog Watch UK Group

The most common question we get asked is whether it is hard to see your foster leave for their new home. Honestly, you do get a little upset when they leave, but this soon passes and the feeling of achievement kicks in. The fact that you have loved, cared for and prepared a dog for their new life overcomes any sadness you might feel. The smiles on the faces of the adopters who have got a new companion. A dog that has not had the best start in life or has experienced awful things has now got a loving family of their own.

We have been contacted by the families who have adopted the dogs we have fostered. They have sent us pictures and updated us on how the dog is getting on. They have all said how much of a difference it makes to have adopted a dog that has been in a foster home. The main point being that the dog has had the experience of family life before being adopted. This has made all the difference to the dogs development, sociability and the ease in which the dog had settled into their new home.”

If you are interested in becoming a fosterer this leaflet has a little more information

Fostering Leaflet

if you would like to apply please fill in this application form and return it to

Fostering Application

We find it works out best if Foster Homes are in the West Midlands, if you live further away please contact us at and we will put you in touch with a rescue in your area.


Janet and Graham have fostered over 25 dogs – read their story

Two rescue digs with their foster family

Cleo and Ty relaxing in their foster home – both were homed shortly after this photo was taken.

Rooney was fostered before finding his forever home with Amanda and James

Rooney was fostered before finding his forever home with Amanda and James

Marley loved getting cuddles with his foster Mom Amanda

Marley loved getting cuddles with his foster Mom Amanda


Puppy Daisy May was much happier in a foster home than kennels

Puppy Daisy May was much happier in a foster home than kennels

Jake a rescue dog fostered by a Birmingham Couple

Jake re-homed on a narrow boat, here with foster Dad Graham