Bandit- A lovely puppy

Meet Bandit.

A lovely puppy who is looking for a new home. He is a cream and sandy coated bundle of fun. He looks Sharpei type with some Podenco, but we aren’t sure what he has in him. He will be medium size when fully grown. He is a super friendly, healthy, little pup. He is dog friendly, child friendly, cuddly and playful. There were five puppies in the litter, 3 have already found homes, they are in the UK, have settled in really well and are having a wonderful time with their new families.

Breed : Basengi cross
Age : 7 months old

The picture below is from when they first came in (about 6 weeks old) and were put under a heat lamp, hence the colour of the picture.

Gambit & Co


Gambit & Co. januari 2017




Banshee (1)


Bandit has a beige mask and is 42 cm high  – he is the cleaver one.

Darwin (2)

Bandit (3) Bandit 9


Banshee, Darwin & Gambit

Bandit was introduced to the shelter cats and took no interest in them at all, even though one of them spat and hissed at him.

The whole litter were dumped at the Spanish shelter gates one night without their mother.

Denises PAWS visit May 2017:
I met Bandit and his brother Gambit this week at the Paws shelter because I was so impressed with the 2 siblings we have homed in the UK I wanted to personally meet the last two brothers left in Spain. I went into their run to get up close and get some cuddles and licks and I got photos of them together and then on their own. Just so lovely and healthy and well built now bodily.

Obviously bigger now but, like their siblings, a pair of nice steady calm boys, almost mature in their manner.

Both boys are almost now fully grown and they must be about 9 months old. They look like they have Sharpei facial characteristics but its hard to tell ? maybe not as they have little curly tails and the sister Saydee looks like a Basengi.

Both boys are tan and Bandit has a whiter face and is lightly bigger than Bandit.

They are NOT bullbreeds.

If you are looking for a young friendly calm dog that will grow to medium height and be be very loving and affectionate please give this boy a look as he is much prettier in person, as I think the photos don’t do them justice.

Denise Dogwatchuk

Current location
Bandit is in a foster home in Solihull, West Midlands

Vaccinated, wormed, flea treated
Too young to be neutered but this must be done when they are old enough
Pet Passport

Adoption Fee : £ 185- to be paid direct to the Spanish rescue to cover travel costs

Find out more about Spanish dogs and Leishmaniasis

If you would like to adopt,

please fill in our form Adopting-a-Dog-Watch-UK-Rescue-Dog and return it to

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  • Banshee, Darwin & Gambit
  • Bandit
  • Gambit & Co. januari 2017
  • Gambit & Co
  • Sara
  • Bandit
  • Gambit
  • Bandit (1)
  • Darwin (2)
  • Bandit (1)
  • Bandit (2)
  • Bandit (3)
  • Bandit (4)
  • Bandit (5)
  • Bandit (6)
  • Bandit 7
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