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Golden Oldies



Hello..I just wanted to tell you about Ben..I had lost a beloved small and young dog a few weeks earlier and I was pining so much for him, as was my husband and my little dog Ellie who was desperately lonely for him.So we decided to look for another small, young dog as a pal for Ellie and who would make our family more complete again.

And then I saw a picture of Ben, he was neither small or young, but there was just something about him and I wanted to know more.. When I discovered he was about 10 years six months old and had been in kennels over 7 years my heart aches for him, but I still wanted a young, small dog..But somehow I kept going back to his photos..I was told he was gentle and caring ..and I could see all that in his smiling face and the way he looked at the volunteers who took the dogs out..I knew that I didn’t care about his age or his size or that he didn’t look ‘cute’ he deserved a loving home the same as any other dog, perhaps even more.

So Ben came into our home and into our hearts..I expected him to take a long time to settle and I was quite prepared for this..but from the start be has been such a good and loving boy..we had a couple of little accidents the first couple of days, but he is such a quick learner..Ellie was a little madam with him the first week and kept snapping at him, but he never retaliated and his patience and laid back attitude soon won her over.

Every day I see a different and lovable little way of his..He is just so adorable..He loves his comfort and has totally taken over the settee..I try to sit there with him but he stretches his legs and pushes me off lol, but I don’t care, I sit on the floor near him sometimes and he comes and rests his head on my shoulder..he just melts me.

He is quickly learning to sit and stay when we go a walk, and doesn’t pull on the lead…actually he is better behaved and a quicker learner than my little Ellie..I don’t regret adopting him for one minute..Although he is an older dog, or perhaps it’s BECAUSE he is an older dog, he is more settled, more obedient and more willing to please than my much younger dog..and they get on so well together now..I love him, we all love him and I am so grateful that he is part of our family.

Sandra & Ben x


More reasons to adopt an oldie

Oldies love you more ….. oldies are chilled ……. oldies love to snooze ………

There are many reasons to choose an older dog, an older dog may suit your lifestyle more than a young dog or a puppy, they may not need such intense training or so many walks. They may be happy to go for a leisurely stroll then chill with you and watch TV rather than running for miles round the park. Often an oldie will have lived in a home, so will just need a short while to adapt to your home, they will mostly be house trained and know basic commands. They will want to please and will love you unconditionally.

You’ll know who you are getting! – An oldie will have finished growing, the shelter staff will know all about them and their personalities, so there wont be any surprises.
An oldie is less demanding – most dogs enjoy a good walk but an oldie will enjoy a walk then be happy to nap and relax, whereas a puppy will need a great deal more of your time. An oldie will settle into a home a lot quicker than a puppy, once they are settled they will not need so much checking and teaching. Oldies know how a household works and will fit in with your routines quickly.
Oldies can learn new tricks – an older dog can learn and adapt and will enjoy learning new things.
You will be a life saver! – older dogs are often overlooked and can spend longer in kennels than younger dogs, they are also more likely to be euthanised, so by recognising the value of maturity you will be a doggy hero!