Grace, serene and beautiful Galgo

Serene and beautiful Grace is a fawn and light tan colored Spanish Greyhound and she stands at a majestic 67cms tall.
Grace is a very loving sweet girl. She’s very sociable and playful with other dogs and just adores people and older children, but she isnt good with cats.

Grace is clean in the house, and loves to curl up on the sofa with you.

We are looking for a home with another playful friendly dog


Breed : Female Galgo
Age : 3 years

She was found on the road laying with her friend who’d been run over.
Grace was homed in the UK in June and she loves life in her new home, but the older dog she lives with dosnt like her !
She needs a younger dog to play with and its with heavy heart that we have to look for a new home for her, her poor owner is distraught at having to let her go but her old dog is very unhappy.
This is what her owner told us –

“An easy girl to have around and not demanding, but loves to come for fuss and ear rubs when she sees you have time for her

She likes the feel of a home and the comforts it offers, and I think she has come from a home situation rather than being kenneled all her life like some of these lovely dogs are. She is just too much for my old dog, as she isnt a typical greyhound who likes to snooze and chill! ”

Current location

In a home in Stafford

Vaccinated, wormed, flea treated

Pet Passport
FREE 4 weeks Pet Insurance to be activated from the link on our website
Any known health issues NON KNOWN
Adoption Fee : £165
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