Rehomed August 2012 Peter

Peter a rescue dog rehomed by Dog Watch UKPeter was found in a box in Spain, together with 4 more brothers and sisters.  He was adopted by a family with children, but as Peter grew the family decided that they didn’t want dogs at home, so they returned him.

He was again adopted, by a couple without children, but after a few months they decided to return him because they wanted to have children and did not want to have to spend money on keeping a dog. So that was two families who he loved who rejected him through no fault of his own.

Peter was then in kennels where nobody seemed to notice him.  He every day he looked a little more sad.

But now he is smiling again as he was spotted by Kate in Nottingham and he has no reason to be sad anymore.

Kate writes -” I thought you might like a quick update on Peter. After his initial excitement he was good as gold on the way home – more interested in sniffing the smells coming through the vents of the van than anything else. The evening was spent wrestling with his new playmate Badger and although there was a bit of whining at bedtime he soon settled down and was quiet all night. We’ve had no accidents in the house and he seems incredibly quick to learn and eager to please. He also loves treats! We’re off to the vets later to have his very long nails clipped and for a quick check up. Attached are a couple of photos of Peter and Badger.”

Hi Denise   I thought you might like to know that Peter is now settled in and seems fully at home. It turned out that he had a bit of a skin condition when he arrived, but it’s all cleared up now and he’s developed quite a bit of muscle as a result of all the exercise he gets playing with our husky pup.

He’s the cuddliest dog imaginable but also loves being out and about – I attach a couple of photos of him on a recent trip to Wales.

All in all he’s been the perfect addition to the family, so thank you for letting us have him.

I keep looking at all the new dogs you put up on the website but have been firmly told that two is the limit…..for now. Thanks again
Kind regards

Update : July 2013

Hi Denise   As it’s been nearly a year now since we adopted Peter from Spain I thought you might like an update.   He’s doing absolutely fine and I think it’s fair to say that he considers this home now. He and our other dog are the best of friends and enjoy nothing more than zooming around together or trying to eat one another’s faces. Pete’s other favourite things are cuddles and sunbathing – he didn’t enjoy the cold winter much, but is loving the current warm spell. Everyone who meets him loves him and we couldn’t have asked for a better “fit” for our family.   I attach some photos – the first two are from a trip to France earlier in the year, and the third is Pete doing what he does best.   Hope you are all well.   Kind regards   Kate

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