Ineke & Johnny- beautiful little pups

Two very sweet little puppies. Ineke is a very sweet little girl with a light brown shaggy coat. She’s such a happy girl, is playful with Johnny, and loves attention and cuddles. Johnny is quite vocal as they play together, he also likes his cuddles, and he is more energetic than Ineke.

They were found abandoned in a field with no mother or other puppies, so we assume they are from the same litter.

They love cuddling up together.
These pups can be homed separately and will be small to small medium sized dogs when grown.

Breed : little cross breed puppys
Age : Born 06.03.2017

Ineke & Johnny (2)


Ineke (3)

Ineke (2)

Ineke (4)


Johnny 1 Johnny 2 Johnny 3 Johnny 5 Johnny 6 Johnny

Johnny (4)

Johnny (3)

Johnny (1)

This little pair were found emerging from a field miles from anywhere by PAWS shelter volunteers on their way home.

Johnny & Ineke

Ineke & Johnny (4)
More assessments and blood reports to come and assessment with cats.

Ineke & Johnny

Denise’s report from recent visit to PAWS:
Lovely pair of pups very affectionate towards one another.
I couldnt really get to meet and hold them or get better photos as they were still in the quarantine area waiting for their first vaccinations so I was unable to enter and had to take photos through the fencing- but you can see how pretty they are.

Ineke & Johny (3)

Current location
Ineke is in a foster home in Solihull, West Midlands

Johnny is in a foster home in Birmingham, West Midlands

Vaccinated, wormed, flea treated
Too young to be neutered but this must be done when they are old enough
Pet Passport
Any known health issues NOT YET TESTED

Adoption Fee : £ 265 – to be paid direct to the Spanish rescue to cover travel costs via UK bank account

If you would like to adopt,

please fill in our form Adopting-a-Dog-Watch-UK-Rescue-Dog and return it to

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  • Ineke & Johnny (2)
  • Ineke & Johnny (4)
  • Ineke & Johnny
  • Ineke & Johny (3)
  • Ineke (1)
  • Ineke (2)
  • Ineke (3)
  • Ineke (4)
  • Johnny & Ineke
  • Johnny (1)
  • Johnny (3)
  • Johnny (4)
  • Johnny 1
  • Johnny 2
  • Johnny 3
  • Johnny 5
  • Johnny 6
  • Johnny
  • Ineke 1
  • Ineke 2
  • Ineke 3

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