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Lady and Brutus are a pair of lovely dogs, that have become homeless due to their owners emigrating.
We want to keep them together, as they are very best friends.
Lady is the lovely Podenco girl, who is medium sized and Brutus is the tiny Chi boy.
They are both friendly and social, although she is a little shy but not too bad once she gets to meet you.

Brutus – Small light tan chap who weighs 9.6 kilos,   63cm long, 28 cm tall, he has never been around children , so don’t know what he would be like with them . He chases cats if they run, he had a cat friend he used to play with and would like another cat friend, but he tends to rush at cats , they run and he chases. He has never hurt a cat and will move away if a cat hisses at him..

Lady – who has a smooth tan and white coat, weighs 21 kilos ,99 cm long,   49Cm tall, is frightened of children and tends to not get too close, and shy around strangers she doesn’t know on first meeting them.  She tries to chase cats, but stops when you say no.  She was a stray for at least 3 years before she was taken in by her owners and she would have been fending for herself on the streets. She was treated very badly, so is very stand-offish with anyone she doesn’t know.  To someone she knows is a safe friend, she trots up to them and is affectionate She is very active outdoors , but is quiet in the house. She is a very lovely and has a loving gentle nature. It took a while for her to know me, but is now very trusting and loving with me. She loves walks and back scratches. Is OK with other bitches
Please note we will not split these up

Their Best Points :

Friendly and gentle dogs. Both Brutus and Lady are good on leads, but would rather be off the lead so they can run around and chase each other.
Lady – Loving gentle and sweet nature, she has a funny gesture when she likes she she grins at you.
Brutus – Highly sociable and loving

Foster Report:

Lady- she has the most gentle loving nature, she does need love and patience because she has been abused by humans and needs time to know trust and then love you.
Brutus- Beautiful loving dog, playful and likes to give people lots of kisses

Dog Details :

Breed :  Lady – Podenco    Brutus – Terrier X Chi

Age :       Lady 6/7 yrs    Brutus  4 yrs

Gender:   Female  and male

Height:    Lady- 17 inches   Brutus-  10 inches to shoulder

Length:    Lady – 34 inchesBrutus -24 inches

Weight:     Lady-  21 kilos  Brutus 9.6 kilos

Living with dogs :   both yes

Living with cats :     seem to ignore cats till they run

Living with children : older children over 14 only

Health:    No health issues notified for either of them

Neutered:   both neutered

Current location
In a foster home in Spain can travel to the UK end October


Adoption Fee : £390 for pair – to be paid direct to the Spanish rescue to cover travel costs via UK bank account

Can Live with cats
Can live with other dogs
Can live with children over 14 yrs

Adopting A DogWatch UK Rescue Dog

Before being adopted, dogs will have bee vaccinated, wormed and treated for fleas.
If old enough they will have been neutered, if too young the new owners will need to ensure this is done.
All dogs are microchipped
All new owners can apply for 4 weeks Pet Insurance  FREE, to be activated from the link on our website

For Rescue Dogs coming from overseas

This adoption fee is a contribution towards the costs of rescuing the dog including
– microchip, pet passport, vaccines, tests for South European diseases, neutering (IF OLD ENOUGH), parasite treatment and transport to the UK.
We can not home dogs from overseas to people who work full time or long hours, unless some sort of doggy day care is offered. They need someone at home a lot of the day, they are not used to being alone for long periods. A dog walker for an hour out of the day is not enough.
Leaving dogs a long time on their own means they are highly likely to develop separation anxiety which is distressing for them and everyone in their new home.

How to adopt a DogWatch UK Rescue Dog

For full details see our Adoption page 

To apply to adopt please fill in our adoption application