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Micky is a beautiful medium sized puppy boy, with a tan, white and dark brown short silky coat.
He’s an allsorts but mostly similar to a German Shepherd Dog x hound, he has the most beautiful facial markings.
Micky is exceedingly submissive with people and with other dogs, he wants to play but doesn’t realise that he’s large and heavy and so other dogs find him a bit exuberant. He lets you play with  his feet, tail, ears, mouth, shows no aggression whatsoever.
Very trusting of people once they approach him and is very cuddly/kissy. He walks well on the lead but is very strong, so more work needs doing with his leadwork, and he is is toilet trained.
He is really now fully grown and wont get any bigger than medium sized. This youngster is a blank canvass for some one who wants to teach a puppy all the manners and the boundaries they want.
Micky has a superb nature and is great with other dogs and children but he would not suit a home jest yet that has young children as he will knock them over.

His Best Points :

Submissive, cuddly  walks well on lead – good all rounder !

Foster Report :

This is one nice large puppy !
On initial arrival he was nervous of his surroundings and now he is a confident boy who likes play bowing with my dogs here, no food guarding, good appetite, very loving and amazing with kids, still a bit wondrous of all the new surroundings, and dosnt like the rain, good recall up the garden, sits when you tell him, in fact hes a very fast learner !

Still working on the jumping up and trying to run off some of his energy.

He has a habit of rolling on his back when he is unsure about something.

Does not as such pull on lead but is very strong
In short space of time is very eager to please and learn, little tail doesn’t stop wagging.

Due to his rough play he would not suit older dogs or young children, but would make a fantastic friend for another young dog.

Blank canvas and needs to continue his puppy training for jumping up and general calmer play.

2nd Foster report

First night with Mickey. He is an absolutely wonderful dog. He wants to please, he loves his cuddles and has a very optimistic, positive, lively energy about him. Of course, he is still a puppy and you can tell as he just loves absolutely everything. He loves life. His jumping is so much better as we got onto it straight away and it was not that bad in the first place. We’ve had worse.

He does want to take everything apart so I am keeping a close eye on it  We are giving him bones and toys and all of that yet within five minutes that all ripped to pieces so again – it is part of him being a puppy and he would be distracted from this if he had another young dog in the household to play with .

On his walks outside, he is very good. He was all over the place in the beginning but he’s not like that anymore – he is a joy to walk. He is a strong dog, so I would suggest that he will go to a young family where the people are used to dogs and are willing to give him the puppy training that he needs.

I have to say Mickey is very intelligent and he learns very fast, so I have no hesitation to recommend to you that he ready will be put up for adoption as the new people will know that they will still have to train him and he is a great great dog.


Dog Details :

Breed :      German Shepherd Dog x hound

Age :          11 months

Gender:     Male

Height:      Medium

Weight:     10 kg approx

Living with dogs : Yes

Living with cats :    Not tested

Living with children : Yes older children

Health:   No health issued notified

Neutered:   Will be before homed

Current location
In a foster home Stratford on Avon Warwickshire 

Adoption Fee : £285 – to be paid direct to the Spanish rescue to cover travel costs via UK bank account

Can live with other dogs
Can live with older children children

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Adopting A DogWatch UK Rescue Dog

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