Nala, Nats, Nika & Nus – cute little puppies

Four beautiful tan little small breed puppies just rescued in Spain along with their poor mum. Her puppies are healthy and currently are just over 2 months. All four are small, three girls, one boy.
The little boy (ONLY boy) has no tail, the girls do. They are all lucky and now in foster being fed the best food and getting fatter !

Breed : Small mixed breed
Age : 2 months





Mum is also recuperating but is not fit to be rehomed yet
WE have attached some photos for you to see what mum looks like that will give us an idea how big they will grow
Dad is unknown
They are living with cats at the foster home.

Background information
PEQUEÑETA is the mum and is 32cms from floor to shoulder and 44cms from back of neck to base of tail, you can see her on the photo below and on the video.
Two weeks ago this poor girl was actually caught by the rescue after trying to get her for TWO YEARS!!!

She is an old mummy and had just had 4 puppies so was easier to catch.
She has a front paw which looks broken and a little bent.
She was X-rayed and no fracture showed, so the Vet suggested a scan would show up what was wrong with her paw.
The Vet felt at the top of the opposite front leg to her gimp one, where it meets her body, there found a gun pellet!!
It looks as if the trajectory of the shot has gone through the lower body and is affecting the gimp leg.
Poor little mum is having anti-inflammatory injections and then will be operated on to take the shot out. This poor dog has old wounds, and has certainly had a very hard life.

Fosterer’s report :
Lively cheeky little pups mingling in with all my dogs and cats.
Mum is here too and she is getting plenty of rest and comfort away from the pups
Current location
In a foster home in Spain can travel to the UK once they hav a home to go to

Vaccinated, wormed, flea treated
Too young to be neutered but this must be done when they are old enough by the new owners
Pet Passport
FREE 4 weeks Pet Insurance to be activated from the link on our website
Any known health issues NONE KNOWN

For Dogs coming from Spain
This adoption fee is a contribution towards the costs of rescuing the dog- microchip, passport, vaccines, tests for S European diseases, neutering (if old enough), parasite treatment and transport to the UK.
We can not home dogs from Spain to people who work full time or long hours, unless some sort of doggy day care is offered. They need someone at home a lot of the day, they are not used to being alone for long periods. A dog walker for an hour out of the day is not enough.
Leaving dogs a long time on their own means they are highly likely to develop separation anxiety which is distressing for them and everyone in their new home.

Adoption Fee : £ 325 for each puppy, they can be homed seperatly– to be paid direct to the Spanish rescue to cover travel costs via UK bank account


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  • NALA
  • NATS
  • NIKA

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