Nambiba large gentle young girl

Beautiful gentle large Mastin young girl with a light tiger brindle  soft coat and white chest.
She is delightful and still learning about the wonders of life as until recently she was rescued from a terrible start to her young life with her little friend TOGO
She is so happy now – a different dog! now she can play and move about freely and even run!

Nambiba is a big girl, her measurements are

62 cms    floor to shoulder
70 cms    back of neck to start of tail
49 cams    around neck
She is very puppy like in her behaviour and she is now learning about everything, has shown no negative traits and is very affectionate
She has been making up for lost time and is eating very well and has a good body weight because of vitamins and a good quality diet.
She just wants to play and being a large dog we need to ensure that her new owners have experience of large dogs.
Her requirements would be space, freedom, love, no small children.
Breed : Mastin
Age : almost 12 months old

Poor Nambibia is one year old and been chained up for all her short life, well she has had no life and no experience of being loved and cuddled and enjoyed the luxuries of treats and decent regular food or human company.
Her only company was little Togo, a male little dog who managed to free himself and as he was running around it alerted rescuers to their plight.
In an exposed postion, in the heat without water or little food, a man who was banned from keeping animals left them to their own fate.


Fosterer’s report :

They have had a very bad time, and when TOGO is separated to go for a walk or photo session or to meet and greet, he is very subdued and a little worried, although once seated next to you, he
is v.happy.  We did photo’s yesterday, and when we took him back into the area with Namibia, it was like two long lost friends who have been separated for years!

She is happy living with all my dogs and cats here

Current location

In a foster home in Spain can travel to the UK once she has a home to go to

Vaccinated, wormed, flea treated
Pet Passport
FREE 4 weeks Pet Insurance to be activated from the link on our website
Any known health issues NONE KNOWNFor Dogs coming from Spain
This adoption fee is a contribution towards the costs of rescuing the dog- microchip, passport, vaccines, tests for S European diseases, neutering (if old enough), parasite treatment and transport to the UK.
We can not home dogs from Spain  to people who work full time or long hours, unless some sort of doggy day care is offered. They need someone at home a lot of the day, they are not used to being alone for long periods. A dog walker for an hour out of the day is not enough.
Leaving dogs a long time on their own means they are highly likely to develop separation anxiety which is distressing for them and everyone in their new home.
Adoption Fee : £275     – to be paid direct to the Spanish rescue to cover travel costs via UK bank account
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