Overseas Dogs


Nala a rescue dog rehomed by Dog Watch UK

Capo a Spanish rescue dog re homed by Dog Watch UK

Capo – so lovely his fosterer could not bear to give him up and adopted him!


Mango a rescue puppy rehomed by Dog Watch UK

Dogwatch is keen to help all dogs in danger and for this reason we also help dogs from overseas find safe homes in the UK.Spain and many of the European countries have not got a good track record with animals. Hunters breed dogs in dreadful conditions and feel no compassion if a dog gets caught in a hunting trap or is not good at hunting – they will leave it to die mutilated. Spain does not believe in neutering and so many strays are born with no hope of survival. We deal with Ibizan Hound Rescue   and Paws Patas in Almeria, which is a shelter run by ex pats that saves strays, puppies and hunting dogs from death and finds foster homes and forever homes for the dogs. They have an organised system of preparing the dogs for other European countries – such as Holland – many of the Galgos (greyhounds) get safe refuge in Holland.For the UK they need the quarantine and pet passports (now reduced from 6 months to 3 weeks).

We take a few dogs every 6 months for them and foster them until we find homes for them. These dogs are truly lovely – fantastic old fashioned laid back personalities, a joy to own. Taking a few dogs from them allows them to save more dogs from cruel owners who are unchecked by non-existent authorities.

Recently we had an appeal for a poor pup Ambi, who had been run over by a car in Romania – we sent money to allow the rescues over there to get the pup to vets and treatment for her legs and then we offered to take the dog as one of our dogs to rehome in the UK.

Peter a rescue dog rehomed by Dog Watch UKRead about Peters Happy Ever After

This video was made by ACTIN who rescue dogs in Spain