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Phoebe is a gorgeous light tricolor GSD girl that we recently saved from pts.

She is now safe in a fosterhome, she is putting on weight and gaining confidence.

We didn’t have very much information on her but as she is being assessed by her foster mom, and once been to the vets, we will be able to supply more information about this lovely girl

Initial Foster Report :

On arrival she was nervous, good on a lead and getting used to the other dogs, I bathed her
and she loved that!. The poor soul is underweight and has very sore ears, which I now have drops for.

I will let her settle a little longer before her vets visits, she does not eat well, but have found a food
she now likes. It has taken her a few days to be able to sleep without being on hi-alert, she
has most certainly suffered some abuse by the way she reacts, yet she is lead trained and will sit and give paw, will not accept treats, nor
knows what toys are, and is unsure how to behave with other dogs, very sad.

Her coat is like that of a dog who has lived outside, and she is not house trained, but she is intelligent and we are working on that now, I am certain all these
issues can be sorted out with some kindness. She travelled well in the car.

Interim Foster Report:

After just two weeks, Phoebe is very much better now, no further tummy troubles or sore ears, she has regained her strength very quickly and has put
a little weight on.  she does not like cats, and her confidence has grown so that she is not getting along with my other dogs. I feel this is sad
as I think she may have been left tied up alone, and that she has not been socialised.

We are trying to rectify this slowly as she can be a little aggressive with my other dogs. She now plays with toys and is good with
people and teenagers. Each day I allow friends to walk her as she can become attached to me quickly, she now eats more slowly, (not like a wild dog
as she did when she first arrived).

I do feel with training and the right home, perhaps as an only dog, or one other that she will thrive. I do walk her with my other dogs, and will continue to try and help her enjoy their company and not see them as a threat to her. On the whole, two weeks has shown a lot of progress.

Dog Details :

Breed :           GSD x

Age :              TBA

Gender:         Female

Height:          TBA

Living with dogs :   No

Living with cats :     No

Living with children :  Over 12 years old

NEEDS to live with another dog  NO

Health:         No health issues notified

Neutered:    TBA, if not this will be arranged


Current location

In a foster home in Tarporley,Cheshire

Adoption Fee: £185

NOTE – Homecheck : All our adoptions are subject to successful homechecks. There is now a deposit for all homechecks of £25 which is deducted from the adoption fee.

If the homecheck fails the £25 will be reimbursed.

If people withdraw after the homecheck this is non refundable.





Can live with children over 12

Adopting A DogWatch UK Rescue Dog

Before being adopted, dogs will have been vaccinated, wormed and treated for fleas.
If old enough they will have been neutered, if too young the new owners will need to ensure this is done.
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For Rescue Dogs coming from overseas

This adoption fee is a contribution towards the costs of rescuing the dog including
– microchip, pet passport, vaccines, tests for South European diseases, neutering (IF OLD ENOUGH), parasite treatment and transport to the UK.
We can not home dogs from overseas to people who work full time or long hours, unless some sort of doggy day care is offered. They need someone at home a lot of the day, they are not used to being alone for long periods. A dog walker for an hour out of the day is not enough.
Leaving dogs a long time on their own means they are highly likely to develop separation anxiety which is distressing for them and everyone in their new home.

How to adopt a DogWatch UK Rescue Dog

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