Simeona a beautiful girl who needs a chance

Simeona is a lovely, blonde rough coated girl of medium build, standing at 58 cm (22.8 inches) and weighing 24 kg (53 lbs).

This poor girl has been abused in the past and after all this time in the pound she is now eager to learn to trust and love people.

A sad tale – On arrival at the pound, Simeona had lived completely paralyzed by fear, and she was a dog who never left her bed, who was always in a position of utter fear and who couldn’t socialize with other dogs.

She didn’t even leave her bed to go out to the patio and eat and we had to put food next to her bed.

She couldn’t go out for walks or play with other dogs; she just spent day after day curled in panic as you can see by the photos. She was the saddest case at the pound, and that’s saying something.

Since then, and with much patience and love from volunteers, she has improved a lot and now goes out to the patio, runs around with other dogs and even goes out for walks! She reacts very well to human contact, she is not aggressive at all, she has never tried to bite any person or dog, and she’s fond of head rubs. She’s very calm, still shy but very sweet and with a lot of potential.

She is very calm and submissive, despite her fear she has never attacked any person or dog, and she’s thankful to every little sign of attention she gets. She walks well on a lead and is sociable with all dogs.

We just want to see her in a home so that her potential can come out so we are looking for a sympathetic home with another dog for her.

Breed: Griffon mix
Age: 7 years

She was brought to the shelter in 2014. We have no idea what happened to her before, but her sadness and fear only lets us think about what kind of monster she had to face in her first years of life, if it could be called life…

She has shown us a huge improvement in just a few months and we know she can a have a full, normal life with someone who has a lot of patience and love. You can see her progress in the photos and how she looks happy now.
Simeona is waiting for someone willing to do more than just adopt a dog: She’s waiting for someone who wants to save a life.

We are presently testing her for being house trained.

Click here to watch Simeona running on the patio:

Another video of Simeona (she appears at 0:28)

Current location
In Spain can travel to the UK once she has a home to go to

Vaccinated, wormed, flea treated
Pet Passport
4 weeks free Pet Insurance
Any known health issues NONE KNOWN

For Dogs coming from Spain
This adoption fee is a contribution towards the costs of rescuing the dog- microchip, passport, vaccines, tests for European diseases, neutering, parasite treatment and transport to the UK.

Adoption Fee : £185 – to be paid direct to the Spanish rescue to cover travel costs via UK bank account

Find out more about Spanish dogs and Leishmaniasis

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