Spanish rescue dogs

Dog Watch UK Spanish rescue dogsEvery year in Spain, thousands of hunting dogs (Galgos and Podencos) are abandoned, abused, or even killed in horrific circumstances. The absence of laws regulating the breeding of these dogs, and the poor enforcement of animal welfare laws, means that at the end of hunting season thousands of ‘excess’ dogs are ‘disposed’ of by their owner. There are rescues in Spain fighting these massive odds to save as many dogs as they can. Unfortunately these dogs have very little chance of getting a new home in Spain. For more details see overseas dogs.

Reggie & Rodney are small puppies

Please meet the R puppies, that’s adorable  Reggie and Rodney. Beautiful little babies all quite different but they will all remain … Continue reading

Hattie loves everyone!

Hattie is a small Podenco cross Pointer girl mainly white with splodges of light tan, and she stands at 50cm. Very sweet … Continue reading