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It was back in September 2014 that we received an email from Judy, an American lady living in Italy. She was crossing all boarders in her search for help. She had taken in a little dog she called Rudy.  This is what Judy told us in her email “The boys of the town were hitting her with sticks for a game, so I took her in with the intention of keeping her safe, getting her spayed and finding a good home for her. It’s three months later, and I have only had one offer, to tie her to a tree in front of a house forever. ” Judy was very worried about Rudys future; as Judy had to return to the USA and she was unable to take Rudy with her but equally could not leave her in Italy without a loving home.

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We had no idea of the process for getting a dog from Italy to the UK – but we knew who would! So into the international mix stepped the ladies from Paws Patas, a Spanish shelter in Spain. They were only too glad to give Judy advise on how to get Rudy her pet passport. Rudy would have to fly to the UK – a big adventure for a little dog! While Judy worked away in the background getting around the Italian bureaucracy for obtaining a pet passport, we started to look for a home for Rudy. It is not surprising that with her good looks and sad story we had a lot of people come forward to offer Rudy a new home.

Des, Helen and their border terrier Daisy were really keen to have Rudy join their family, it sounded a perfect home for Rudy so we arranged a homecheck which confirmed that Rudy would have a wonderful home with them.

The rest is history, Rudy she has just arrived in the  UK – Des continues her story ……


“Yesterday evening we collected Rudy from Heathrow. She was everything we were hoping for. Even after a very long journey from Italy and a day full of new and scary experiences she wagged her tail, and almost knew the journey was almost over.

On arriving home I took her straight from her travel crate to the park and waited for my wife to fetch our other dog (Daisy a border terrier) so they could meet for the first time on neutral turf. Great result! They loved each other. Then back to her new home to explore her new surroundings. After a small but welcome meal and a large drink of water, they played and settled down like it was quite a normal day.

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Being a bit nervous, I’ve come down to check on them at silly o’clock in the morning. I needn’t have worried, I was met by two wagging tails and an ‘intact’ lounge. So here I am at 3.45am sitting with Rudy and Daisy sending this email.

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Our thoughts are with Judy, who through her love of animals, saved Rudy from the streets of Italy, and through her sheer hard work and determination found Rudy a new home. We will always be grateful to her and her family.I’ve included a couple of pictures taken last night of her first couple of hours here. Later today some long walks and more familiarisation to her new home is on the cards.
Kindest Regards
Des and Helen”

Rudy is just one small dog – but she has united people from around the world, teamwork at its best.


  • RehomedRudy (3)
  • RehomedRudy
  • RehomedRudy (2)

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