TOGO, small, kind and cat friendly


Togo is a small boy with a smooth tan and black coat, and he measures 33 cms to the shoulder and from back of neck to start of tail 40 cms and around neck just 27cms.

Poor little Togo has been the sole companion of a large Mastina (Nambibia), living in bad circumstances, devoid of any love and care.
He has a  nice character, but a little nervous still when he is away from his large friend, and so would benefit from the company of another dog.
He is good with cats and other dogs.  He is currently learning how to walk on a harness and lead, and to understand that it is ok to be separated from his Mastina friend. Togo has a good and loving disposition
Togo loves Namibia very much and it would be nice to home both dogs together but we know that could be difficult and we just want both dogs to have a good life – even in separate homes – both dogs will need another dog to live with

Breed : small X breed
Age : 2 years

Togo needs a family who will give him understanding and love, together with a little patience because he has had such a traumatic existence so far.
His blood test showed a very low positive result for leishmaniosis, and this is being treated as a precaution  only, and a maintenance programme of 5 packets of tablets per year at £2.50 a packet is the medication he will need.

Current location
In a foster home in Spain can travel to the UK once he has a home to go to

Vaccinated, wormed, flea treated

Pet Passport
FREE 4 weeks Pet Insurance to be activated from the link on our website
Any known health issues TRACE LEISHFor Dogs coming from Spain
This adoption fee is a contribution towards the costs of rescuing the dog- microchip, passport, vaccines, tests for S European diseases, neutering (if old enough), parasite treatment and transport to the UK.
We can not home dogs from Spain  to people who work full time or long hours, unless some sort of doggy day care is offered. They need someone at home a lot of the day, they are not used to being alone for long periods. A dog walker for an hour out of the day is not enough.
Leaving dogs a long time on their own means they are highly likely to develop separation anxiety which is distressing for them and everyone in their new home.

Adoption Fee : £ 175    – to be paid direct to the Spanish rescue to cover travel costs via UK bank account
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