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About Us

DogWatch UK

About Us

We are DogWatch UK, we rescue and rehome dogs.
Registered Charity no 1118841

We are a small rescue, based and operating in the West Midlands, and we were registered as a charity in 2006.
We depend entirely on voluntary donations, subscriptions and fundraising, and we are all volunteers.

Our rescue came about because one of our trustee’s dogs, Henry, was stolen from her garden.

While searching for her dog and calling rescues and pounds, it became obvious that the whole miserable business of unwanted,abused and lost dogs was widespread in the UK, she realised that the situation was so desperate.

We have a small team of excellent compassionate volunteers (more always welcome!), who get involved in everything from updating the website, to transporting dogs across the country, to fostering in their own homes, to vet runs, to home checks and helping at fundraising events.

You will see by our pages that we help any dog that needs help, we don’t discriminate and we do our best to help all dogs.

We don’t have our own kennels we have a small number of foster homes, where dogs waiting for their forever home live as part of the family. We always need more foster homes see our fostering page for details of how to get involved. Other dogs, especially those coming from Spain and Portugal go from the overseas rescue straight to their new home.

Many of the dogs we help are dogs on death row waiting in pounds for a last minute reprieve. These are often young, healthy dogs who fit straight into family life.

We also help other dogs, especially those coming from Spain and Portugal, they arrive from the overseas rescue and go straight to their new home.

We are constantly fundraising in the West Midlands area and have many fun events throughout the year to give people the opportunity to support us and bring their dogs.

Check out our Whats On page for our dog shows and events


We also hold local social events to raise both funds and the profile of the work we do. Our main events are Fun Dog Shows during the summer months (in the Solihull area of the West Midlands). This is a great day out for all (dogs included!) and we encourage new owners to bring their dogs back to see us, so we are always looking for as many volunteers as possible to either help running the show rings, the fun scurry or our stalls.

We hold regular collections at local supermarkets, town centres and pet stores, and we need keen helpers for only a couple of hours at weekends. It can be really good fun,chatting to the public, raising both funds and the profile of DogWatch UK.

Home Checkers

Once a suitable application is received that looks like a good match to the dog, and before any animal goes to their new home, we ‘home check’ the prospective house.
This involves making an appointment with the prospective owners and looking around the home for suitability, meeting the people and talking about relevant issues. It is an integral part of the homing procedure, as soon as there is an application for a dog, we arrange the home check as soon as possible, and only after it passes can we formally reserve the dog for that family.


We have volunteers who are happy to take the dogs to the local vet when required. We also work closely with other rescues in other parts of the country, they help us home dogs in their area therefore we need help to transport the dogs to them.
We also assist other rescues, and can offer transport to rescuers moving poundies from danger to the safety of other rescues. We are always happy to help if we have volunteers available. We pay the travelling expenses.

Get Involved

We are a friendly group of people, all wanting to support DogWatchUK, so if you would like to join us and can spare a few hours, please give Denise a ring on 0121 242 0369 or Katrina on 0121 247 9572 or email info@dogwatchuk.com for more information. We would love you to join us in helping dogs in need.


Death Row Dogs

Dog Watch UK rehome dogs, known as poundies. These are dogs rescued from death row in Dogs Homes and pounds throughout the country.

The law says local authorities must pay for the safe kennelling of a ‘found’ dog for seven days to allow the owner time to locate it but after that they can be rehomed or killed. As there are not enough kennel spaces for all the stray dogs many are put on “death row” and have a time limit to find a new home, if no one comes forward to offer them a home they will be killed.

In 2011 at least 11,000 healthy dogs were put to sleep for no other reason than they were not wanted. HAVE WE GOT MORE UP TO DATE STATS?

This video is just beautiful and dispels many myths about staffies.

The majority of dogs on death row are Staffies and staffy crosses. There are so many “back street breeders” breeding puppies that any staffie on death row has little chance of being rehomed.

Staffies are often abandoned on the streets once the novelty has worn off so even if their owners are traced they will not collect the dog as they have grown bored with them.

Dog Watch UK and many other rescues around the country try to rescue as many dogs as they can. Volunteers collect details of all the dogs due to be killed and send out “death lists” to the rescues they know will try and help.

Many of these dogs have obviously been loved family pets and they are grieving for the loss of an owner they loved and the security of a home, many are frightened being in kennels.

Dog Watch UK will receive 2 or 3 lists each week – sometimes more from different areas. If none of the rescues have spaces to take these dogs, they die. Some of the dogs have been given names but others are just numbers.