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How to Edit Text On A Page

1. open page from the dashboard example Adopt

2. the page is built with modules Note purple bar the fullwidth header this is where the staffie image sits

3. you edit the acordian adoption text, click on the dark grey 3 bars,
look at the 3 light grey modules

4.click on the top one and edit the text A TIP edit the text in the text next to the visual



Look to the right see UPDATE in blue and click on it MOST IMPORTANT TO SAVE CHANGES

How to Post in steps

1 Go to posts, Add new
2 Add name of dog, go to your saved layout, NOTE first see how many images you have to add to the page load layout of 4 5 or 6 images,
3 look for the numbered layout you want say 6 images
4 Make sure the images are resized before you upload, try to get into a structure orderm example tom_1 tom_2 tom_3 tom_4
this makes it look tidy, identify the TOP image, landscape is best
1 column: 1080 x 608
½ column: 510 x 287

5 After you have resized click Image Module Settings note the 3 bars
Upload the landscape image to where I have said image 1, then do the others Image Module Settings
6 in the text field goes all the info from the emails NOTE copy it into the TEXT as this will strip down any coding
Tweak the spacking
6 FACEBOOK links wont work so remove them – anyone who sends a vided this needs to be uploaded to FACEBOOK PAGE direct OR Youtube

7 Put ticks into the categories of your choice
8 Scroll down page and look for FEATURED IMAGE, click on SET Featured Image and choose a LANDSCAPE one, you can choose a portait but its never looks as good on a blog layout

IMPORTANT click Publish then check your browser

NOTE BELOW this if for general information
1 column: 1080 x 608.
¾ column: 795 x 447.
⅔ column: 700 x 394.
½ column: 510 x 287.
⅓ column: 320 x 181.
¼ column: 225 x 128.

Image Sizes

Images come in all sizes, from phones and cameras

Please make sure you send images in JPEG format

Please take Landscape and Portrait
Our new blog layout sits well with Landcape so please mix and match, take close ups and distance photos

For general use, here are their recommended image sizes for 16 x 9 ratio:

You can email the images and we will resize to the width

Sarah always resize the width, the iamge will naturally resize correctly, it doesn’t mater if the heihgts are different as on mobiles they look fine

Below are notes Sarah, you will only ever use 1 column OR 2 columns

1 column: 1080 x 608.
¾ column: 795 x 447.
⅔ column: 700 x 394.
½ column: 510 x 287.
⅓ column: 320 x 181.
¼ column: 225 x 128.

21. Cheerful and Sleek

3 Colours for Website



Read more button

color: #e09900;
display: block;
margin-top: 10px;
border: 1px solid #ccc;
padding: 5px;
text-transform: capitalize;
letter-spacing: 1px;

The Divi Blog Module

Add to CSS read moe in the blog module

Mover Domain name and servers

log into mr site change name servers to BPWEB Add domain name to new website leave 24 hours Add domain name to wordpress

Limit the excerpt in Divi with Css


Steps Taken on 07/02/19

Checked to ensure search engine visibility is set to ‘on’
Checked permalinks to ensure they have SEO friendly URL structures
Installed Yoast SEO Plugin (works simultaneously with Squirrely)
Installed Squirrely Plugin (works simultaneously with Yoast)
Added website to Google Search Engine Console
Added Social Media details
Added Verification Meta tags to the homepage, for Google and Bing Webmaster tools
Added XML Site Map for Google